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to Resentless

re "China does not have the courage to confront Japan
They see TW as the easier target."

don't you realise that this sentence is bullshit ?
if you wanna be a lackey of Japan, I would only say"shut up your snout ,pls"

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To TWCHINESE,sincerely~~~

First, I wanna thank you for putting out so noteworthy a problem to discuss.I think everyone of we Chinese people should think thoroughly about it and, as a result, to arrive at a common understanding and what is more, to solve the problems and difference peacefully.Till then,any splittists' effort will go in vain.

As you say."China wants to have Taiwan back badly and urgently". this is really the phenomenon. But behind it, the true reason is that the relationship between the two districts is rather hung by a thread,which the relationships between others and China are nowhere near as tensional as! COOLMAX is correct,"more delay means more harm".This is remarkable and obvious.Thus,why shouldn't we solve the problems and get reunification sooner and more rapidly in case of any misfortune or accident? Should we leave what we have to do today for tomorrow?

You discussed about "democracy".Everyone should admit that the REAL DEMOCRACY  is what we're pursuing. However I don't actually think Chen Shuibian's performances originate from DEMOCRACY.

As you know,many Taiwanese people are willing to remain the status quo while a bit of splittists are scheming to gain independence.but unfortunately,Chen Shuibian neglects the wishing of those neutral voters I mentioned just now.Driven by his own intention,Chen Shuibian is again and again planning speeches and votes to persuade, or even impose the unwilling citizens.

Indeed,Taiwanese are not stupid people! And it is also very correct that one man can not control the whole country! Moreover," Chen does not have the power if he does not have legislature's support, or even the DDP itself is divided."is correct too! However,The canvass and the imposure are the subjective actions of Chen's own.They originate from his own intention,and his intention surely has nothing to do with the public. Thus, can you say COOLMAX's point that "Chen (subjectively) teaches Taiwanese not to admit they are Chinese" is wrong now?

As COOLMAX wrote,Chen is racking his brains in scheming to make the Taiwanese people deny inly that they are of the Chinese descendants. But this is surely opposite to the fact. Thus,this is precisely IMPOSING HIS OWN SCHEME UPON OTHERS(the voters)!~~~This is POWER POLITICS ! This is an OUTRAGE AGAINST PUBLIC OPINION ! This is an ENCROACHMENT UPON HUMAN RIGHTS !

I must state that you were wrong about one thing.The reason and the excuse that Chen used for splitting Taiwan is of course not  provided by Mainland China's government. Mainland China's government never used and will never ever use hostile statements or comments.Whatever the government uses,it is surely neither rhetorics nor claptraps.It is solemn and just declarations.

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add to mine above~~~

You posted an assumption that "China is willing to sacrifice the lives of hundreds of thousands just for some image of patriotism or face".If this is your real opinion,I should say: "What an enormous pity, you've got a serious mistake again."

The Mainland China's public and Taiwan's mass are all China's citizens.Just like a family having two kids,one supports the parents while the other is so naughty that he often does some harm to the whole family.But can you say that the naughty one should be sentenced to death,eh~~~? The answer is definitely negative,right? Hence, you could see clearly that Mainland China's government surely doesn't want the Taiwanese people to be killed in battles or campaigns.

Moreover,you should already know,it is the Taiwan government that wants to start a war rather than Mainland China's government.Thus,we can easily deduce from it that it is the Taiwan government that wants to have the Taiwanese people murdered by those splittists!

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to He Dan

So which side do you yhink wants to start a war?Mainland China? of course not. You'd almost say the United States.if so,I agree, and I'll add that all the ulterior supporters of Taiwanese government are the answers to your question.

But when I state my opinion above, I just put the two sides representing of the two districts to make a match,in order to analyse the big problem.So, pls do not be localized on the literally words, but pay more attention to the whole artistic conception and the context.

Anyway,Thanks you a lot to point my shortcoming in stating my opinion.~~~

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What's the point of wanting to know where I am from if you are not going to believe it?

You are right, I could say that I am from the South Pole, but you only have my word for it. So what's the point of concerning yourself about it.
All you need to know is that I am not from Mainland China, or am I? it's so hard to tell.

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Elfinnie wrote:

" I would only say"shut up your snout"

Resentless replies:


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to He Dan

So which side do you think wants to start a war?Mainland China? definitely no!!!Or you might say the United States?okay, I'll agree then.

In fact,you know, just all the ulterior supporters of Chen Shuibian want to start a war.

In my post above,I just want to state the case by pointing out two sides representing the two districts in order to simplify the case.So, pls do not be localized on the literal expression,but to pay a bit more attention to the whole artistic conception, okay?

Anyway, Thanks for pointing out my shortcoming in stating my opinion~~~

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