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Questions to my Chinese compatriots [Copy link] 中文

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To respond to  your question about the Senkaku / Diaoyu islands,   the dispute is nothing more than oil.   To tell you the truth, Japan has a good claim on the island too. The island was never returned to China after wwii.  I guess they never consider the chain an extension of Taiwan. So I don't think it is fair to say that the island is without question, China's.   Also, China DOES want the island  so I disagree with your arguement that  they show no interest in them.  

But come on, the island chain is about 20 square km in size and  no one lives there.  Its just a place where oil can  be pumped out of.... alledgedly.  There is still no evidence to prove without a doubt  that the island even has any large amouts of oil... the UN survey team who looked at the islands only believed their might be.  So how bad do you really want it ??  Would you risk lives for some small piece of land that might have some oil? I sure as hell won't.  

In regards to china and taiwan's re-unification, they want it more because the  stakes are a lot higher. Also,  i really don't think it is right of you to say that  china takes pride in threatening the lives of Taiwanese people.  China wants a peaceful resolution beyond anything else, but is ready for military action.

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Pro Unification

The % in TW who are pro unification is small - about 16% last poll result I saw. The vast majority presently prefer the status quo.

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He Dan, who owns whom an apology?

<<Not true. Not only has ReXentless told us where he's from, but he's posted photos of his country's capital in the Free Talk section.

I'd say you owe him an apology.>>


I have searched all his/her posts in the Free Talk section, yet no pictures found.

It took me half an hour to check all the posts.

Who owns whom an apology?

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chairman has been deleted
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Reminder: Author is prohibited or removed, and content is automatically blocked

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Taiwan will become wasteland after Chinese bombing

The reason I am asking these questions is.... if China were to take Taiwan in a "swift way", it must use a lot of missiles to detroy all of Taiwan's major airports, bases, police stations, communication centers, and routes of transportation. More bombings will come even after the invasion. Taiwan will turn into a wasteland; its stock market will plunge, all its industries will be devastated, the most brilliant scientists and entreprenuers will flee... in other words, there will be nothing left that has any value to China. After the war, Taiwan's economy will never revive either because mainlad China will draw all the foreign investments, and very likely all of Taiwan's commercial technologies will be transfered to China. Taiwan will then be nothing but ruins and a bunch of hateful people, who will likely start some underground anti-China terrorist organizations... war is definitely not the solution, nor is it an act of patriotism!

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to twchinese

I'm so glad that still there are  a few twnese like you who are still aware of the disaster.

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thanks He Dan

but may i have another question?

if you live in Beijing for some time and posted some pictures of Beijing, can we draw a conclusion that China is your country?

thanks again.

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