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Questions to my Chinese compatriots [Copy link] 中文

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no one really answered my questions...

"just because some splittists led by Chen shuibian are eager to push independence. more delay means more harm. Chen teaches tai wan people not to admit they are Chinese."

What you have to understand about democracy is that one man does not represet the whole country. Chen does not have the power if he does not have legislature support, and even the DDP itself is divided. You said Chen teaches Taiwanese not to admit they are Chinese, but do you think all Taiwanese are that stupid?

China needs to stop providing Chen with the reasons to split Taiwan, by that I mean China needs to lower its hostile rhetoric. Taiwanese people are really getting sick and tired of it. If China is willing to sacrifice the lives of hundreds of thousands just for some image of patriotism or face, then China is a motherland I cannot be proud of. After all, how can you be proud of a nation that detroyed your families simply because of some politican dissension?

Don't let Chen Shuibien get what he wants, and that is war!

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You may be the stupid one.

The question was:
"Second, the Shinkaku Islands, occupied by the Japanese, are also Chinese territory. These islands are known to have very rich oil deposits, and yet, China doesn't seem to be so interested in them, why?"

My answer was:
"China does not have the courage to confront Japan"

I never used the word "ATTACK". Do not put words into my mouth, or I will put my fist in yours, rude boy. Thank you.

You also said
"Your country surrendered and annexed by Germany during WII"

My country has never surrended to anyone. Get your facts right.

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Resentless you loser

you never dare to declare which country you're from as we do.

Do you belieive it's clever for you to operate behind the screen with false identity.

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Please refrain from verbal attacks and inquiry on personal info...

I understand Taiwan is a hot topic, which is also why we need to calm down and not let our emotions override.

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because  tw has really no natural resources.then they would have to denpend on japan or the states.which means they will owe them somthing, which means they will occupy some land in tw 4 miltary purpose.which china can not let.

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I get what you mean. But chen  dominates the propaganda, and he has the power to push aside those who are pro-reunification in tw. So those who are not stupid lose their influence gradually, you know this is very dangerous tendency.

See the green camp is swelling. Rember DPP is a party  which regards independence as its main pursuit.

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I don't think Chen will win parliament support

The People First Party, KMT, and New Party are going to work together against the DDP. I think with all three combined, the DDP will not win more than half of the seats.

And China shouldn't even worry about the referendum for constitution change, I doubt if more than half of the eligible voters will show up.

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