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China—a rational people with courteous manners [Copy link] 中文

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to Delta

I think Japanese don't tell ourselves to hate you guys. especially compare with China.
I admit media exerggerate north korea to be evil. that's bad i think.

I am not sure about Japan Times. But Japanese newspapers have different opinions.  You better with other newspapaers.

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Soccer Fans' Actions Worry Foreign Community

This was a well-written article. As an American and former English teacher in China, the behavior of those soccer fans worries me and all the foreigners in China. Why? Because many people in Chinese society don't know how to make a separation between politics and a person's nationality. I say, sports is sports, politics is politics. The Japanese soccer players did not commit the Nanjing Massacre, nor did they visit the Yasukuni Shrine. They are just soccer players. What does this political stuff have to do with them? They are not the Japanese government. They are athletes.

As an American, I also felt frustrated sometimes during my time in China. I like China, I'm friendly to China, I dislike my government's foreign policy, and I hate Bush. In addition, my loving wife and mother-in-law are Chinese. But it doesn't matter how much you like China, how well you speak Chinese, and what your political beliefs are. According to the thinking of many Chinese people, your nationality means "you are automatically a representative of your government." My thinking, "Uhh, no, I'm not a representative of the U.S. government, I'm a private U.S. citizen. I have no role in U.S. foreign policy."

When leading English Corners or English classes, I can understand that some students are just curious and want to know the American perspective. It is O.K. if they ask me, "Why does the American government sell weapons to Taiwan?" But when they use the word "you", as in, "Why did YOU sell weapons to Taiwan?", this makes me very angry. I feel very offended when people blame me for the actions of the U.S. government. Chinese society needs to learn not to discriminate against a whole nationality of people because of politics and history. If Chinese society alienates those foreigners who are friendly to China, then China will have no friends. Being angry at a foreign government is O.K., but blaming ordinary citizens is not.

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to defeat your rival does not mean to humiliate him ...

I found some of the above ideas have turned to another topic, which is supposed to be a dubious attitude towards the relationship between the two countries. I recalled a poster's words in CD forum", Congrats Japanase "" Well done, Chinese"..

Chinese doesnot pretend to behave in a humble way , if we are reasonable to vent our opinions. The unfairness of the final game is apparent. The AFA were sponsored mainly by Japanese enterprises, the official language of the association is Japanese....Do you really think there is unnecessary for Chinese to demonstrate their FAIR PLAY spirit?

Well, all the debating or discussion of the topic seems to do no help to solve the real problem. Chinese should be more powerful in economy before Chinese people vent their righteous appeal, that is your point. Am I right ..?? Maybe today's situation could find its historic sources from your idea of tolerance. To be tolearant , to forgive, to behave rational, to be a model to the world.?  I am wondering it is the advantage or disadvantage of Chinese traditonal culture...

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some comments

dear sleepye

As if you are implying Japanese economice power influence the judge of  refree. That's not a good approach.

Have you read newspaper in Iran or other countries?
Some  Chinese opponents in Asia cup complaint about refree.

here is one from Singapore

"Several coaches of opposing teams complained that China were helped to advance by biased refereeing, and that their overall performance had deteriorated since the last World Cup. -- AP ",4386,266044,00.html?

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China—a rational people with courteous manners

I believe you, when you say that has a rational people with courteous manners.  It is however a people, like all others directed by human nature, and as such we're all not perfect, and can be easily missguided to become irrational at times, especially when there are large crowds.
So, not to excuse irrational behaviour, but just to let you know that Chinese are not better, nor worse thatn the great majority of people in this world.  
I hope this revelation will not offend you, or any other person.  I didn't write to offend anyone.  I just want to point out that human nature is the all powerful force that can perform good, rational deeds, as well as irrational, and evil deeds, and no one people is excempt from it.
At the end, I hope all will understand that football, or soccer is a game, and a friendly competition, and shouldn't be used to make up for natiuonal dislikes.
Thank you


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to lovetaiwan

To make it clear, i did not mean the bias of referee but the unfairness of the AFA, for their solution of China football association's appeal for the "handball" judgment. It is natural some other asian countries may have the comment " Several coaches of opposing teams complained that China were helped to advance by biased refereeing, and that their overall performance had deteriorated since the last World Cup. -- AP ", because China is the host and “China team has made a lot of progress.” according to Japan coach. I am afraid it is kind of understandable jealous towards China team. China fans anger was due to the HANDBALL, which was regarded affected Chinese players calmness and led to the final results. I am afraid the medias from other countries have distorted the real fact and deteriorated China fans image.  I am sure China is a rational people and can accept its decent failure with courtesy.

Thx for the website you offered.

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