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China—a rational people with courteous manners [Copy link] 中文

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China—a rational people with courteous manners

Our Chinese people have a strong sense of patriotism. In Asian Cup 2004, such patriotism becomes especially evident. It is not only because that our football team performed excellently during the match but also because that we can find an occasion to release our internal resentment to our old archrival --- Japan. The Chinese football funs booed every time the Japanese team got the ball, missed the ball or kicked a goal.

In the writer's opinion, such manners are too much for the so-called patriotism. These radical anti-Japanese Chinese people should calm down and behave properly.

First of all, football fans' inappropriate manners eclipse our traditional virtue of hospitality to our guests, even when they are unwelcome. China has a glamorous civilization with five thousand years’ never-stop history. A person from such a country should not behave rudely. Otherwise, it will leave a bad impression on not only the Japanese but also world audiences. So, in order to preserve our pride and dignity, we have to behave ourselves before we take any radical actions.

Secondly, it is not the right time to break with Japan. The main reason is that we are not economically strong enough right now. Any conflicts with Japan will slow down China's economic development. We cannot afford to miss the crucial time for overall development and we could be the final victims if we failed to cool ourselves down.

On the other hand, not all Japanese are as wicked as we think. Many of them are our genuine friends. Nowadays they comprise the biggest helpers of China's modernization drive. How can we neglect their goodness and only remember their cruelty in history?

China wants to boom in peaceful manner before world eyes. However, some radical actions are running opposite of her principles. I do not think foreign countries will trust us if we have such imprudent people.

Last of all, there are many ways to show our "resentment" on those Japanese right-wing politicians. Fierce and irrational protests result in nothing but only conflicts. We can control our anger as a motivation of economical competition with Japan. Our objectives are to content with them in high technology and build our own famous brands. As a result, we'll less rely on Japanese electronic products and augment our exports. We should be confident that what Japan did in the past, we can do it even better now. As long as we have the determination and perseverance, we will eradicate our historical insult and bring our national pride back again.

China thinks highly of patriotism. As a Chinese, I feel proud. However, too much patriotism hurts us because we still need a relatively peaceful international environment to work on our economic construction. The smart Chinese people should know the present situation clearly and not put China into international embarrassment. In order to win the last smile, we have to put up with the Japanese. All we have to do is be rational, delay our resentment, behave courteously and wait for the right time until they realize their mistakes and apologize to us.

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Strongly ding ding ding

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Agree but...

Yes, football is football, and it does not and should not shoulder any political mission. It would be great if fans just go and enjoy the play. Hope they would.

But you said China's economic development depends on Japan's "donation", this is a point I find I could not agree. In fact, the Chinese economy could do without Japan, rather, Japan could not without China. Get it right, it is not "donation", absolutely not. They are loans. The Japanese are not that stupid to donate to support China's economy. No way. They have their own plans -- "loans for market".

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You are wrong regarding aid

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to "taiwan chinese" "crazyazn"

"The P R C still receives aid from Japan." ---- "aid"??? you must need reasonable intelligence to understand the difference "capital investment" and "aid".

I have not heard about that China has received the victims compensation that due to be made by the Japanese government for the crimes they committed during the WWII, which might include that your mother was made a "Comfort Woman", honorable to you, or about when your mother was barbecued by the Japs.

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to "darling_zc": honestly you should have also provide the forum readers with ot

in CD forum.

I don't see you are qualified to mention the word "courtesy" yet. you scumbag.

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great post!

thanks, darling_zc, for your very well-written post.  it was not only written with beautiful use of english, but also with beautiful thoughts and sentiment.  


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