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UFO Truth? [Copy link] 中文

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I am passing on a series of emails/letters I received from acontact that understands what you people are doing. What you do with them isyour business.

Read below:

There comes a time in someone’s life to begin to tell thetruth. I was fortunate to work with great people on great projects, funded byprivate and government concerns. This will not be a long drawn out treatise.

UFO’s and aliens are not called by those names. They haveexisted long before we had any understanding. Most, if not all of ourtechnology has been spawned from our relationships with other beings. When newdiscoveries are found today as was before, they are covered over for obviousreasons of power, and control. It’s because we in general are children, whobelieve in magic, and religion, thus our veil of secrecy, and deceit. It’s veryeasy to fool the innocent and ignorant. What proof do I have? The very words Ihave written on this blog and the conviction to go public with evidence, eventhough I know I will be eliminated shortly thereafter for good reasons is proofenough. For centuries,  it has been kept secret thru magicians, andwizards, then recently in the 1700 and 1800’s it became a more seriousendeavor. Especially in the 20th century, when our knowledge andunderstanding began to take on new forms. The fuzzy pictures, faked photos, andother propaganda are just a ruse to ferret out the ones that know, and thensilence them thru crafty methods. No one can explain or will go on record todisclose the methods of Puma Punku, Pyramids of Egypt, and other locations…themoon, Mars, and other so called anomalies that go supposedly unexplained.

Scientists and military have been exposed to many things, asI was. It won’t be easy to get many to disclose what they know because offears. I don’t care anymore. It’s a big business market to make money onufos/alien technology. The only way to expose and convince, you the public iswith a craft and its occupant. Will you really be ready for that? Will chaosensue worldwide? Will you march on the Vatican and the WHITE HOUSE?

What would you really think? An internet troll  ruse? Iam not writing a book, or gaining some notoriety thru TV and radio. My securityclearance is of the highest, but my disgust with the way the world is today hascompelled me to come forward and prove the unanswered question. It’s a shamethat there are those that profit from  this phenomena. And it is too badthat most of you spend your money and time on it as well. Never quite gettingthat answer. Relying on the same faith you have in your religious belief orother convictions. You troll the blogs posting what you think you know, but infact, you do not. The internet is full of propaganda, just like my letter. Nowyou must dumpster dive and find the real truth. I will pick a time and place tobring my proof. It will no doubt bring about a cultural shock to many and anembarrassment to those that have fooled us all for so many years. I wasfortunate to be able to work with people from the 50’s 60’s and 70’s . We allhad the highest clearance on any project, even after WWII. The 80’s and 90’sbecame even more secret and difficult to gain access. But we are ole dogs… Andpeople talk. I am glad to know that GOD and Heaven are just illusions of faith.I feel wonderful knowing that before I Die from this body I will be able tostir the “shit”. I hope that thru it all, all of you will be able to make abetter world without war, mistrust and, all the negative vibes that infest thiswonderful planet called by many names. There will be contention, as it shouldbe, but the evidence will be overwhelming and shocking. Some will commitsuicide, some will hide in fear, others will accept, and others will deny. Butat the end of the day, the evidence will prevail. You will have an opportunityto start fresh. I hope that this little letter will make the circuit on theinternet at least. The various agencies public and private have all receivedthis letter, as you all have tonight. I joined this community for this purposeonly, and that is that.

I have betrayed my national security clearance and trust,which is meaningless in today’s world. What I betrayed was the business andpower brokers who trusted me, and others to be their undying bitch, to work asslaves, and glean from them the technology, and innovation that has made themwealthy, and have given them the power of the gods. The temples and monumentson this planet are not from the past, but from our future.

We as humans have regressed, not progressed.

But who am I?

I do not wish to be recognized as the one who finallyexposed the lies of conspiracy, and those that profit from the ufos/aliendrama. My proof will come out, but without my name or family with it. I do notwish to profit from my exposing what others have profited from. The lack of myname will be drama enough. No one will ever know , but they will know what Iexpose.

I am sure the defense contractors and others are pissed offright now, that I found a way to use someone to publish my rants of truth.

It’s up to you all to read and wait for the evidence to bebroadcasted worldwide. I have spoken with and have agreed to show all of you,what you desire to see. The shock will be a tragedy too many and a blessing toothers.

Please try to underrated the change, it’s the only way allof you will stop your madness of killing, lying, and deceit. Governments andreligions will be exposed, and it’s up to all of you to have mercy on them. Youwill have help to sort out and stabilize yourselves for the new way of life allof you will have.

Many will die, but more will live, and then finally the onesthat make it will carry forward what is right for all peoples of planet earth.Some of you think this is bullshit, and to many, it is, but the ones who knowme, they are stressed out that this does not go viral in some way, andinstigate dialogue amongst all of you.  

It will be on a National TV program, that will be hacked,for obvious reasons.

The agencies like NSA, FBI, are just showroom dummies forthe ones that really control the puppet strings.  

I wish to thank those that I have used to get this littlemessage out. It’s not about selling books and movies, it’s about, helping allof you. I am tired, and boy do I have allot of crap.

You see, it’s really simple, I was trusted, and now I am tooold to fight them all, but I kept everything they hid from you.

I am so sorry, I did not come forward sooner,.

But, in hindsight, I am glad I did not, because I have somuch more to give to you all. I do not wish anyone to thank me, because I wascriminal by keeping this from all of you.

I ask for no forgiveness, just your gumption to overcome thedeception. Treat the ones that come to you with proof with respect and humbledignity, they have been here for quite some time. Use the technology to make abetter place for those that deserve the second chance.

Forgive the religious leaders, for they had no idea of thetruth.

I will be known in the history books, as someone, not byname, and that is my penitence for keeping the truth from all of you. How manythousands of people have died because criminals like me had the cure but couldnot treat the sick. Karma will punish me, for the murders of the innocent, aswill my colleagues will suffer the same fate.

The broadcast will be live and will be brief.

It will however give all of you the proof and conviction youneed to finally understand your place on earth and the universe.

It’s a second coming of sorts, but without Jesus. That’s allI have to say.

I wrote this response, because I was using my Google plusaccount to post this stuff. I was asked to take it down, I did.


As I explained before, I know no more than any of you. Ihave not spoken to or have had any contact with this person. The person whogave these short letters to me is in the industry, and a well respectedscientist.

With my short knowledge on the subject, I believe thisperson. The risks and law breaking is enough at this moment. I do know thatthis person is in the late nineties in age. I do know that many of you,including myself, would be shocked and fearful, if and when this type ofdisclosure became public, without the bullshit. What will you really think?Will you be ashamed of yourself for not believing it? You believe in religion,with no real evidence, you believe in government without being able to reallyeffect change for the people. So what is the difference? Because you haveproof? We live in a society that is accelerating faster each year. How many ofyou can honestly remember everything, each day. Being skeptical of this isnatural and expected. I would be disappointed if everyone believed what I haveposted. I thought it was bullshit at first, until my friend convinced me withhis reputation, and his willingness to sacrifice his career and family for thisexposure. That in itself for me is proof enough. But all of you reading thisneed even more evidence. You shall get it, but at the time of choosing of thewhistleblower. I hope it is a hoax or internet prank. No one seems or wants anynotoriety for this. I don’t need fortune or fame, I have it with my family.Read the letters very slowly and stop looking for the quick fix sentence. Iguess it all boils down to FAITH.

I am 93 years old, and I have worked for many importantgovernment funded concerns, and private businesses throughout the UnitedStates. I got my start at what you call Roswell as a military cleanup crewchief. That was my first encounter with outside entities and theirtechnologies. I understand most of you wish for me to just come forward andshock the nation. Well that would be nice, if I had the energy to do it today.We live in a society that wants it now, or else it must be bullshit! Well, Ihave the answers you seek, without you buying a book, or paying for a TV showor DVD. It’s the change that bothers me. I have experienced if for 70 years,and have kept it from my family, which has troubled me for a very long time. Iknow what I must do will break the current laws of the land. It’s the risk Iwill take.  I feel sorry for those that will not except it for what it isworth, and I applaud those that will understand. This exposure takes carefulplanning and just some time to coordinate. I am tired of writing thesestatements, it only opens those that know how to track the ability to track medown, and take what I know and hid it once again. I have evidence from thecrash sites of many locations of downloaded craft, because I was the officer incharge of cleanup and disposal of debris. I also have contact with actualliving breathing people that do not make earth their home, and theirtechnology. Right now, people in the know are positioning themselves for theexposure of the century, and there are those that are attempting to locate me.I will not go on Coast to Coast with the phony George Nory and staff, I willnot go on CNN. I will interrupt the broadcast system and show all of you, theproof you need to make a choice. You will have little time to come and see theevidence for yourself, before it is deemed a matter of national security. I amusing the internet to circulate and create curiosity and fear to those thatreally want to start a new way. I will miss the buttercups in Germany in thespring.

Keep making people rich by buying their books and DVDs,going to the events that cost you money and make them rich, when in fact theytease you, I don’t. To pull off what I am about to do takes just a little time,and allot of effort. I don’t move as fast as before. I wish to thank those thathave helped me this far. I wish you all luck for your future, and don’t bedisappointed when you find out, that you have never been alone in the universe.

Last Correspondence to all of you:

For the record:

Born 1922

First cleanup detail on the so called area 51 site 1945, myfirst encounter.

Several cleanup assignments thru 1968.

Army science advisor/ Officer/ Education, PHDelectromagnetic.

Assignments to study downed craft and guided craft.

Study technology from craft.

Interview of occupants of crafts.

1969 thru 1976 these above tasks took place.

Coordinated mission sites for outer space connections

Propaganda specialists to various agencies to suppress datato the general public

Elimination advisor of leaks and integrity.

1977 thru 1985

Advisor to NSA, NASA and other covert funded agencies,private and very private.

Developed much technology.

Coordinated diplomatic connections with non earth beings.

Understood all so called ancient sites and the purposes..i.e., Puma Punku, Giza, and sites on all continents.

Covert reversal of UFO/Alien connection.

1986 thru 1996

Advisor to a select group of individuals that use technologyand contact to further the cause and the income and control

1997 thru 2010

Sickness has forced me to retire and repent.

2011 thru 2014

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The truth is coming...

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if you want something in life get off your backside, and do it yourself!! don't rely on others to do it for you

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The truth is coming...

not in this thread!

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Oh dear

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not in this thread!

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