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"execute them"

Yes, that is my theory and I stand by it, because idiots like you, fools such as you, understand execution, you understand the loss of you miserable life to protect a million lives.

How dare you, you ignorant American PIG.

You PIG.

Remove the LIE.

Remove the LIE from the top of page 2.



Remove the Lie.

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Execution of 1 or 10 or 100 or 1000 to save millions, is correct.

It is correct, to execute 1 or more to save millions of innocent lives.

It always was correct and it always will be.

The innocent need to be protected form the evil that can kill them.

It is a price to pay, but to save millions of Chinese it is a price that must be paid and will be paid.

Chinese lives are valuable, they are our family and our friends and our loved ones and our wrokmates and we need to work together to protect all of China and all Chinese from powers that would harm them.

If that means the loss of some lives, then so be it.

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Well said, blackie lau!

Killing is bad, and is evil, even killing worthless evil beings like tsutsugamuchi.

But the wise choose the lesser evil.

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I will now follow the advice I gave to Hedan, good night sweet China.

China China China.

We love you and always will.


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Quotable quotes of the professed seditious, contemptuous, jaundiced pseudo-grin

"only patriots can be elected to office in hkong. what b.s. "

"sorry to be rude, but it's just sick. i thought the ccp was supposed to erase the bad culture from china? apparently, you want it to become just like the emperors it replaced. "

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Welcome Back chairman, yes misty eyes all around. I agree with that.

I also agree with blackie and what he wrote about 1 for the many.

Any of you who are Star Trek fans, will remember when Spock, locked the door and gave himself to save the others.

" He said the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one "

Yes, the needs of the many or the lives of the many or the many lives of the innocent and the poor and those that can not defend themselves are dependent of the sacrifice of the one or the few.

Sometimes those few may need to be sacrificed to save the great many.

Any way you wish to look at it, the removal of a few or the one to save millions, is a no brainer.

For millions of poor and innocent to be saved for millions of those who are not able to defend themselves as those of us that are stronger can defend ourselves, if those few or that one, place the great many in danger, then they must be lost to save the great many.

This is incredibly simple.

So what blackie wrote is very simple.

To protect millions of us and our family and friends and fellow Chinese, if one or a few place us all in danger, well of course they need to be removed.

This is a sad fact of life.

One or a few, can not endanger the lives of millions.

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re: j&j

i think it's wrong for anyone to have to die for what they believe in or what they say.  

and you are wrong when you claim china will fall into chaos if people are allowed free speech.  it will not.  in fact, china will be more stable and more strong than if it covers up discussion.


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