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To the vicious 1/2 and 1/2 who loves to compare and compete with the gorillas in

Your pronounced, WAY belated "bravery" of footnoting chairman's masterpiece only comes hiding under LGK's empennage?


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There's a perfect example...

Stub. Why can't you just address the question/post?
As for being after LGK...oh well...we all have to post after someone.

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Hi Chairman!

Nice to see you back!

You have been away quite some time. Almost four months now, since the end of March. Things have changed somewhat since you left, like they do. Many new forumites have joined, many forumites have left. The discussion is a little freer, like Hu wants it.

Many new forumites have never read you: what you do, where you come from, why your passion for the Chinese is so great, how you get your knowledge. I am sure they are all anxious to learn, and I’m sure the more senior forumites would like a reminder. Tell us, if you want, how you’ve spend your years in China, where you’ve been, who you’ve spoken to. Tell us the tales you’ve heard of the people you’ve talked to.

I’m sure we’re all anxious to learn, to use the Quote of the Day of my Close Friend Don Quijote:

The doors of wisdom are never shut.
~~ Benjamin Franklin

Don Calimero Quijote

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It's a sad day in Forumville

I am a relative newcomer here so I missed out on the reign of the chairman. I did get to witness his many aliases(judge&jury,blackie, silenced, inquisition and many others)
So I was expecting something upon his return.(well at least when this character finally decided to dredge up the chairman alias)
What did we get?
The same old drivel..nothing new...not even heated up...simply served limp and cold(like his manhood... no doubt)
Is this a surprise?
No. He always only had one tune. He couldn't even carry that one.
Feeble man. Feeble words. Pathetic.
He asks for friends to welcome him...
He had to use his aliases.(except Calimero...whose motives are questionable))
This is so very sad.
It shows once and for all. He(they...his aliases) stands alone.
No one supports his views.
No one except thedud.(a xenephobic needledick)
So it's thedud and the chairman
Brothers in arms...impotent, bitter, hate-filled losers.
Rest in Peace.

Speak for yourself Calimero

Pease don't use "we" on this forum. I can speak for myself.
I don't believe anything this idiot "chairman" has to say.
I certainly don't want to learn from him nor do I want to hear anymore BS from this knucklehead.
If you were paying any attention to this forum you would know "chairman" has never left. He has been writing and writing his hate under a variety of aliases. If this is the kind of forumite you would like to see here then so be it.
As for your comments about his "knowledge"  he has exhibited none unless you mean hate and scorn.
As for his time in China, you really don't believe the "chairman" bio schtick, do you?
As for "they are all anxious to learn" are you kidding me?
Man I don't know why you encourage him.
Do you support this kind of hate-filled rhetoric?

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Calimero, Chairman,Wowzers

May I put my half penny in.
I stand behind Calimero when he asks chairman for some interesting stories. I would read them with pleasure.

Your  comeback was a big disillusion. Not for the bashing , not for the meanliness, not for viciousness.
It was boring.

"western low life " is a stamp. I suppose somebody has already a key short cut ( CTRL+ALT+?) to get it into the text.

It is dejavu and dejavu and dejavu of dejavu.

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To AndyDob the filth of the CD board !!

Whose ghost are you? and to what end do you serve?

To back up and panegyrize anti-China racist whores like seneca??

Thats what you live for?

GET LOST from the CD forum!

You don't belong here!

Ps. to the both-end-talking w)wzers, drop down your pants, and impress us with your size, you orangutanic gigolo !

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Yes dud

You would be impressed but then coming from your perspective that's not much of a a task.
"orangutanic"? You should invest in a dictionary.
Me gigolo? You're the one with the promiscuous nom be plume. We all know that's a joke.
Go away little boy!

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