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No it is far worse than that.

These Americans are very brave when they can blow up the population of Iraq, long distance and not get their hands dirty.

But when one American has to defend his own lies, he will not do it, that ts was the same. This hero Mike is a hero when he is surrounded by foreigners, but he is a common every day coward, when he has to defend his honor.

Shame Shame

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tekvicious and mikeghet, if you have any honor, defend it.

Otherwise forever from this day, shut up with the China scorn, shut up with the you will attack China and you will do this and you will do that.

You have shown your true colors this morining, you have no colors.

So very sad, two men, unable to even defend their honor together.

You make me sick.

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Ben Hur, Gaiaicomm, Charlton Heston, Cleopatra.

Heaven help us all, every third person must be an alien.

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uoaaaaaaaaaa...good morning...let me see!

ahhhh no news in this thread. 82 posts and not a single Ch*nese person that has posted.

Only old and rusty Chairman with his bigotry ranting around and his nick changing!

Wonder what you bigots find interesting about posting the same things for five hours in a row?

Nice coffee, few newspapers and off I go to work.

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The right and freedom to express an opinion, however much we disagree with it

Reminder: Author is prohibited or removed, and content is automatically blocked

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J& scorn isn't directed at China. It's directed at you and others like you.
LGK has never shown hate for China, he merely has a view point that differs from yours.
Tsupasats main faults are that he is part Thai AND he currently lives in the USA.
What's the problem this time? What is it that you really want?

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Yes Sir!!Right Away, mister chaiman Sir!

One Opinion, One Post, One China, One Future.

Hello anyone who is a friend.

1)I will not respond to any post in this thread, unless the posters
are wchao37, arksi, or calimero.
>>mostly because they are the only ones who aren't ghosts<<

2)* If you are Chinese...then Honor and Loyalty are clearly understood. *
>>Riiiiight..., which is why so many chinese got loans for business/real estate projects and then left the half completed project and ran to HK, USA, Singapore etc. Is this why so many women are trying to leave their husbands, claiming infidelity? this must be why there is an increase in street crime.

3)I am probably the only person to ever be attacked for saying.....

>>Nobody attacked you for saying China,China,China! It was the pageful of biased diatribe that followed.

4)That brings me to the point.......the point being...........those...
those who are western foreigners....sometimes known as devils.....
......who not only want to continue 400 years of insults .......and heap scorn
onto China.....but they now want to remove.........demand to delete...
.......demand to throw out of the CD Forum.....those.........who do not...
.......and who will not.........any who have not........agreed with them.!
>> Nobody wants agreement. The forum would be boring then. But what many have taken to doing is hurling insults of a very personal nature, rabid conjecture and absolutely racist crap at anyone who doesn't agree with them.<<

5)Agree to insult China or be thrown from the Forum by the devils ?

Surely they joke, they jest........or do they.........maybe not......

Agree to heap scorn on China or be removed by the devils from the Forum ?

There it is again......agree to harm and injure China...or be removed.....
* I am sure the CD moderators have an opinion as to who is thrown out and who is not thrown out and I do not think we have yet reached the stage where, devils, decide anything in China. *
_____________________________________________ my........these devils are brazen at this time.........

Loud devils......big voiced devils of harm and insult against dear China. loud of late.....combinations of them I hear told......
gangs of them I hear goodness me yes..................

>>Do you really speak this way? It looks like a transcript of 'Gone with the Wind'. "I do declare!",my, goodnes me, saints alive, heavens me...<

6)The land of the FREE has sent sellers of potions and poisons that China and Chinese do not wish to buy ...........
>>thats why the country is busy gorging itself on KFC<<

7)and if they dare not agree to buy the lies, ........then they are threatened with removal from the Forum by the devils themselves.........

Surely not, but yes,........ I read it before I wrote this......amazing.....

Like all things, there are large versions and small versions.............

Large Lakes and small Lakes, large rivers and small rivers....
large mountains and small mountains, great and small things.........

Vermin, are grown large and small, and so are devils, western foreigners, they have large and small versions, smart versions and dumb versions, they have those with wisdom and they have those who do not know how to spell wisdom....

Indeed Yes........they have inferior ones....... and they have superior ones ...........and most of all they have an entire tribe of inferior ones that think they are Superior to all and any other forms of humanity,........... including of course, a feeling of superiority to the Chinese........this they think.....indeed.....

Dear me......yes.......the great white hope syndrome....the obey me or die mentality.........

oh yes.....these people really do and this Forum my my.......

Western Foreign English School Teachers suffer from this disease far more than others, this is due of course as we all know, to a severe lack of education and an even worse ignorance..........

Doctors and Engineers and a great many others need a very high pass in school to go on to be better and do better,.............. when they fail to make that grade,................ that cut off point, then they are become English Teachers....... Do not get me wrong,..... there is a purpose to be served by these lesser beings, but not much and they tend to hate when they are in a country like China and they know that each and every student will earn 100 times as much as they will ever learn and it makes them bitter and that is why they re-direct all of this hate and scorn back at China.

Silly isn't it..........................................

Jealousy of Chinese Students............... who will go on and earn huge sums of money, because they are smart and because they have ability and drive and talent and the western foreign English teacher, well
he is nothing, has nothing and never will be anything, so you can understand his pain and suffering,........................but.............. that is not a reason to blame China and throw sticks and stones at her, no sir, not a reason.

>> Wow.. Don't know where to start. How many times did you say devil chairman? You should write fiction(it pays better than propoganda), because you really know how to weave up a character that the audience will fear and loathe. Like failed doctor teachers that hate their kids by day, and are CIA operatives at night.

It is a kind of a " LIMBO " for these devils.

Some people did not have money to be educated and that is very sad and some did not get the chance and that is very sad and they have menial tasks like sweeping streets or to dig holes, they are probably all much more smart than the western foreign English School Teacher,
but just did not get that chance a chance that passed them by.
>>True, and still others were born into their money, had 'baba' buy them into school and give them a life. Some wily foreigners come here and kiss enough ass to get themselves appointed 'mayor' of a village.This is similar everywhere. Genius is where you least expect it sometimes.<<

9)Many of the Chinese also no longer post here, no doubt due to the degenerated lesser devils.

>>either that or the shame of being associated with the rampant bigotry and xenophobic miopia that is shovelled online by certain 'patriotic' forumites.<<

10)YOU do not agree with the USA you must be removed.

YOU want a Japanese apology, you must be removed.

YOU demand the return of the renegade Chinese province, you must be removed.

YOU love China you must be removed.

YOU do not agree with the lesser devils, you must be removed.

YOU are Chinese, you must removed.

YOU do not like being insulted by the Foreigners, you must be removed.

>>On the other criticize China, you should be KILLED" right?<<


Never let them write that again and do not allow them to do it in this CD Forum.

Tell these foreigners who you are and tell the foreigners who they are not.

To be Chinese is something grand, something wonderful, treasure it.

Refuse the " KOW TOW " to these devils.

for the love of China......chairman 2004/7/23

>> Dear Dr. Goebbels..I mean Chairman. What a way to whip up the patriotic feelings in the forum. The old anger and indignation rises up when I see the words "No Chinese and Dogs", because I imagine what it must have been like. Very well presented...BUT it is of no consequence to this forum. In no way does this whole rant relate to the forum.
Chairman, you should have stayed retired. Very weak and disappointing performance.<<
PS.That you feel that the Chinese should follow the advice you posted merely shows that you see yourself as a 'great foreign saviour'.

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