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TRASH you fool. You write such TRASH.

If you read the original chairman CHINA CHINA CHINA post, in that post he says, chairman says, that you should be willing to die for what you believe.

If you think it and are willing to die for it, then write it, but if you write things for others to die for, do not write it.

And you ts, write things that you want millions of others to die for.

That is wrong.

Write only what you are willing to die for, not what you want others to die for.

What right do you have to gamble millions of lives on your behest.

Wrong man you are, a killer waiting to happen.

A mass murderer yet to be charged is what you are.

If you are willing to die for your opinion, then by all means write your opinion, but if you, as you do, expect millions of Chinese to die for your opinion, then SHUT UP.

Write only what you yourself are prepared to die for.

How dare you expect a million people to die for you.

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To the seditious pseudo-grindo insurrectionist

"thestud calls ME racist? now that's a good one, coming from the uberbigot."

Well, yes, you are a self-hating racist against your half-breed pseudo tribe, a tribe that does not belong, a tribe that is despised by all, and a tribe that is solely made up of the stuff from the bottoms of all gene pools, however equal or unequal or equivalent or nonequivalent they may or may not be (take your pick, 1/2 and 1/2, and make my day)!!

So let me ask, what is so "racist" about that?

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Read this you gutter sneak.ts

All Chinese can speak where they want when they want about what they want.

* TRAITORS go to Jail *

All Chinese can speak about anything they want when they want where they want.

* SUBVERSIVES go to Jail *

TREASON is a crime.
HANJIAN are evil.

You fit in all the above types.

You are a FOOL and a DANGEROUS fool at that.

Tomorrow, I can go anywhere in China and speak with anyone about anything.

China is Free.

YOU on the other hand are are DANGEROUS.

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The seditious pseudo-gringo insurrectionist tsutsugamushi is THE enemy of China

and the Chinese people and the 5000-year GREAT Chinese civilization!!


Take out this evil 1/2 and 1/2 for execution !!

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Yes he is an ENEMY of the STATE

But he is in Washington.

This is a problem.

An enemy of the state no less, but located in Washington, USA.

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To the fooled tool meiguoracing under current & concurrent fooling of a shrewd C

Look meiguoracing.

How do you know that your current shrewd Chinese businesswoman fiancee is not concurrently fooling you as a fooled tool and a tooled fool?


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the Stud, even though I am sure meiguoracing is expert in bla bla bla

You should translate for the rest of us.


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