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I think your accusation is a bit far-fetched, if not intentional distortion and concoction, to be honest with you.

Blackie was just saying that the rate had been reduced, which is good for China.
Accidents are like death and tax, one can not avoid in life.

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Who do you think you are, tsutsugamushi?

"no, i don't think so. but discussion about his case is forbidden. i think his case should be discussed openly. "

Do you have a PRC passport?

Why does CHINA concern you at all since you take great joy in the death of tens of thousands of innocent lives in Iraq???

GET LOST, you pseudo-gringo !!

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Your Royal Dumbness, you know what it is that I write about.

You and your idiot mate the tsss, think that the Chinese people, the ordinary all of us, every single one of Chinese do not know what it is you keep trying to post, but we do know, all of us,

You, it is you, who thinks its a secret, obviously, if you knew, we all knew, why would you bother.

Don't claim clean hands hedumb, you know of what I speak.

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Come on tss "snake ' you know it is a LIE, remove it. Delete it.

There is obviously a high degree of difference between you and hedan, that is probably why chairman never ever called hedan a coward, but you are tss, remove it, it is a LIE.

That sense of humour is lost on the Chinese, it is not funny it is scorn and insult, remove it.

Remove it now and be a man, why wait for the moderators.

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Look tsss, you name alone alerts the scanners. Get that trash of page 2.

Which bit of get the LIE off page 2 do you not understand.

Are you a HALF wit as well.


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Good Night hedan, sleep well, very well. Sweet China dreams.

Now look tss, get the LIE off page 2.

It is a L I E.

Which bit of LIE do you dot understand.

How rotten to the core are you.

Get it off.

Delete it,

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no, i will not remove it

unless you admit that there is dissent in china.  there is and always will be.  the question is how you deal with it.  do you "execute them" or do you allow free and non-violent discussion?  

i think the reason you fear such information is because you cling so hard to your "execute them" solution.  but that has caused so much trouble for china in the past.  many innocent, brave, and patriotic chinese have been killed because of that theory.  

i appreciate what yuegang wrote because he said that theory no longer applies to china.  it is a theory for idiots.  it is a theory that will cause more instability, not less.


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