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We should kill Chen Shuibian as soon as possible, [Copy link] 中文

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I appreciate your luv to common residents.

I appreciate your luv to common residents.
Yeth! Peace is the most precious yhing for all the innocent people.
But,you should admit that  it is not the first precious thing to a patriotic people. An individual is just a part of a nation!!
We,mainlanders,of course love our life as you, Taiwan-islanders.
But, if our country wants us to hold our nation's dignity and uification.
We,Chinese, will give up any individual trearure even our lives!
I shout and claim to you Taiwanese: You dare to cacrifice yourself to your ridiculous independence!!!????
I donot think a  common Taiwanese will give a positive answer self-forgetfully:" Yes,i do!"
Because we mailand is your mather land. We have the same ancester, culture, background and blood. A commom and healthy Taiwannese have no reason to cacrifice individual for the splitters--unconsiderate leaders in Taiwan.
Have you see the news in newspaper.
All the senior officials in Taiwan Politics and Military Authority have well prepared their fleeing lives in foreign countries.
Even the leaders do such shamful things, i do not think the crazy splitters have any potential to make any chaos!!!!
It is so easy to solve the splitters just like killing a  holting cockroach!

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Without national sovereignty and stability,  how can we boost our own economy?

Just as Mr. Hu said today, it's essential to deveop economy and national defense at the same time.


President Hu stresses both national defense, economy

Chinese President Hu Jintao said in Beijing Saturday that the nation must carry out comprehensively the guideline of maintaining a coordinated development of national defense and economy, so as to ensure a favorable security environment for the nation's modernization drive.

On the basis of economic development, China must make efforts to push forward the construction of national defense, Hu, also general secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), said.

Hu made the remarks when presiding over a group study focusing on how to coordinate the military and economic development. Members of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee participated in the study.

Hu said the current international situation in general favors China's goal of building a "xiaokang", or relatively well-off, society.

"We should hold high the banner of peace, development and cooperation, adhere to the independent foreign policy of peace, unswervingly persist in the way of peace development, and unswervingly safeguard world peace and promote common development," he said.

"At the same time, we should put national sovereignty and security first, resolutely safeguard the fundamental interest of the country, resolutely safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity," he said.

He urged party committees and governments at various levels to support the reform and development in the field of national defense, further improve the construction of the reserve forces of national defense, establish a prompt and efficient mobilization system, and further improve the construction of the national defense-related legal system.

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coolmax, real good stuff and many thanks.

Good Stuff coolmax.

Good to read, well said.

Many thanks coolmax.

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Our government has the right to punish those who are spliting our country.

Our government has the right to punish those who are spliting our country,including CSB.To Those mutineers ,I think we should take action as soon as possible. Otherwise,we will lose the good chance forever.

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just wait

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Do not worry about our mailand politic leaders!!

All phenomena and evidence have signed that CSB and his splitting supporters have not a far war to get on!!
A war will soon solutize all the tension and chaos in southeast Asian!!

We have give Taiwan too more chace to lead a hapy and peaceful life!
Exactly speaking, it is our leaders of ailand have given Taiwan too many time to repent his dreadful and irrational actions.

Death is on the horizontal to the splitters in the Taiwan!!!


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