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These Western Foreigners - Evil Devils are not nice people, see inside. [Copy link] 中文

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I'm not mexican, nor anything else south of the equador.  

Why do you even post, if all you are going to do is insult people?  Certianly the chinese which you think you know so well, wouldn't appreciate your pretentious comments.  Am I wrong REAL chinese nationals?  Do you like this?  If you don't, then speak up!!!  Is this image of china presented by thestubless, how you want people to see China?

At least blackie and JJ post good things about China, whereas you only post bad things about other people.  Maybe you don't know anything about china???  Maybe blackie can tell you a few things about China???

I'm not going to further engage in your ignorant discussion here...

Have fun self indulging.

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Mike Ghetto -- is that a lame excuse to hide the fact that you can't afford 5000

"I'm not mexican, nor anything else south of the equador. "

Haha, it is either equator or ecuador, but "equador"?

Are you a 1/2 and 1/2, perhaps, just like the rest of anti-China crowd on this board?


BTW, Baja California and USA are on the same side of the "equador" if you didn't know!!

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This kind of ranting does no good and only adds fuel to the fire.  You post as if you are  a small boy upset over the bigger brother.  Grow up and become a man without the silly taunts of a spoiled brat.  You say the same word over and over until you will hear them always and think of nothing else.  Growing old with the hatred that cannot be of any use to you...

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Let's try this restaurant.

What's in the menu today?

I see the dish of the day.


No, not again this fk caviar!!!!!!!!!

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what, no toast?!!

Yes Andy,

there is something very fishy going on here.

Execute this thread!!!!!

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Using a famous Chinese name, does not make you Chinese or even a supporter of the Chinese side, the extreme bias against the Chinese by the foreigners in this forum has gone on too long. It is an insidious bias of scorn throwing and slander on a nice people, who deserve much better than they get from the foreigners involved here. Most Chinese can not speak English let alone write it and there will probably not be a large influx of Chinese English writers today or tomorrow. You need only see which foreigners take the side of which foreigners to see that it is, foreigners against Chinese. The foreigner writer is a large number the Chinese defender is a small number. The westerner ( similar to the USA ) complain that there is any defence for China at all. They wish to play the CD forum the same way the USA plays the world stage. The foreigners are greater in number and flock together to slander China and when a few, a small number defend China aginst the brutal attacks, it is those Chinese who are called still more names by the original foreigners involved in the slander.

It is very obvious that the foreigners are many and that they combine their negative forces for the insult and injury to China. It is further obvious, that any defence for the Chinese side are called racist and bigots, cyber animals and worse.

You foreigners are as described, evil devils and using a famous Chinese name only makes you a more evil devil or worse, Hanjian.

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Who exactly are you speaking to. Who are you tring to insult today.

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