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These Western Foreigners - Evil Devils are not nice people, see inside. [Copy link] 中文

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what i wrote can be read by everyone

i saw your other thread devoted to me, blackie.  this is my reply:

"execute them" is the way chinese rulers have solved their dissident problems for thousands of years.  loyal chinese patriots have subverted corrupt rulers by writing literature such as shui hu zhuan's (水浒传) "outlaws of the marsh."  

the ccp has the opportunity to change this "execute them" culture, and i believe people within the ccp are working to do so.  i hope that what hu and wen say is true, that china will protect the rights of all its people and that the barrel of a gun no longer governs the country.


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To the Washington running dog and to hedan.

You have both had PM's from me in the past, that clearly stated that I thought of you both as mass murderers of Chinese.

You are both clearly killers of Chinese.

In very large numbers.

I have told you, that foreigners guilty of the murder of not just hundreds but millions of Chinese should be executed.

There it is again.

Execution for the murder of Chinese.

Chinese life is very valuable and both of you insist with issidious evil to create situations where millions of Chinese can and may die.

For this you should be executed.


You desire to destroy a Chinese civilisation and a Chinese Culture, by all kinds of evil and devious means.

You should siffer the only possible fate for this evil you sell on a daily basis.


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One mans freedom fighter is another mans " TERRORIST "

That is what you are, terrorists.
In fact I have even named you to the powers that be.

You desire to destroy the Chinese Nation.

You desire to kill and harm and torture Chinese people.

Innocent Chinese will die at the hands of the evil you people promote.

Japan that both of you support, still has not apologised for the last time, millions of innocent Chinese were slain.

It is a horrid wicked and insidious evil that you desire to inflict on dear China.

You should pay the highest price for the terror and pain and filth you desire to subject onto  the Chinese Nation.

How dare you, either of you, low life, badly educated, ignorant beyond all value and with no morals, decide yourselves to murder Chinese.

Well I will not sit silent wile you do.

No I will not.

You should both be got, while there is time to stop you.

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If I must get a THOUSAND ID's to stop you killing Chinese. I will.

You must be stopped and fast.

That is all you are to me now, both of you and your supporters, killers of Chinese, murderers of innocent Chinese.

I despise you for your intent, your cold hard intent to kill Chinese.

You were told in Private that your crimes are paramount but still you think it is a good joke to promote your lies.

Well it is no joke.

Never will be ajoke either.

Killing Chinese is not light mater.

You both need to pay the most high price for this evil.

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"If I must get a THOUSAND ID's to stop you killing Chinese. I will."

feel a forum banishment coming on, j&j?  



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You like to use chairmans name on everything, well fine.

It was chairman who suggested that a special squad of Chinese be formed to send outside China to protect innocent Chinese from clear and present danger, in particular from evil such as you.

Yes, Washington Think Tank American boy, I wonder if chairmans idea was adopted, I sure hope so.

Chinese needs protection from the low life such as yourself.

Who would stop at no time from killing Chinese.

Well you need to be stopped Washington boy, one way or the other.

You and your mate and the other vermin like you, can not and will not be allowed to murder millions of Chinese.

You will not be allowed to kill Chinese.

Do you understand.

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You already went too far, you already tried to kill millions of Chinese.

That made you my business you subversive scum.

You, who help and assist the treachery.

You who help and assist the treason.

You who married yourself to the Hanjian cause.

You desire to kill millions of Chinese and we, yes " WE ", will make sure it never happens again, you evil demon of lies and murder.

" WE " will make sure that yoiu never inflict the Japanese type of torture and death on Chinese ever again.


You have often been proud to take the side of the evil Japanese, you like the idea of killing millions of Chinese, after all you are not Chinese, so why should you worry.


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