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Chinese banning of things foreign   [Copy link] 中文

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Is banning the solution and if banning is necessary how should it be executed?

Chinese ought to compare why people in China are infatuated with foreign, predominantly western influence while the same cannot be said of the west on Chinese influence. From here China should work its way up. No point banning with no good reasons because it makes the authorities appear rigid and from here it develops into something else such as resentment and resentment turns one into a psychological opponent instead of proponent.

There is a good reason to leave things of religion out of schools and this needs to be explained.

Anyway all mainstream US schools do not celebrate Hinduism even though many Indians of Hindu culture excelled in US and that Hinduism is celebrated by a population larger than the entire US. Can one find a mainstream school in US celebrating Javanese culture? Javanese is a population close to US numbers, also no such celebration in a the so called land of freedom in their schools. Then the combined Oriental culture of Chinese and Japanese are also not found in US schools and they definitely do outnumber the US population. Then the East also have their Arabic cousins which have plenty of investments in the West but again the Arabic culture is also not celebrated in US schools massively. So it follows that while the entire West do not celebrate what is celebrated in the East, the West hires agents to promote the Western culture in the East by attacking the East subtlety. The East should collectively sit down, organize themselves, pool their resources together and get the West to celebrate Hindu Festives, Lunar Festives, Arabic Festives and Javanese Festives at the very least without getting into one another's way and argument.

The other issue is the use of English. Presently most if not all quality researches are in English. If the Chinese cannot comprehend English, they cannot compete. Hence banning English is bad. But it must be taught learning English is primarily for research. The English culture is no more superior than the East. But how the East strengthens their Mandarin culture depends on their wisdom. The issue is how to promote the use of Mandarin. Force" is of little use. A language needs to exude its beauty, with it the culture in which it is used primarily needs to exude goodness, joyfulness and morality and maybe the Chinese can "loosen a little its ownership grip", meaning Mandarin should be encouraged to be used widely, not just by the Chinese and it can be owned by everyone/anyone willing. By using Mandarin a person is not less an ethnic/race of its origin, for example the Mongolians can use Mandarin pronunciation for their Mongolian names but this pronunciation do not alter their Mongolian features which is retained in the entirety in their names. Its very much like Roman alphabets are used spelt their names. But the Chinese can become the core centre where Mandarin is researched and promoted.

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"the West hires agents to promote the Western culture in the East by attacking the East subtlety"

I stopped reading at his point.  

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Incedius420 Post time: 2014-12-29 11:50
"the West hires agents to promote the Western culture in the East by attacking the East subtlety"

I ...

He makes a valid point though.

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Carbonated Post time: 2014-12-29 11:52
He makes a valid point though.

A point would be something backed up with evidence or fact.  Something he does not give.  So no he does not make a point.  

His starts out talking about leaving religion out of schools.  Then starts talking about Hinduism, Javanese, Chinese an Japanese.  Three of these things are not religions.  So i guess we are talking about culture then.  The USA does have Japanese an Chinese classes in schools,  as well as other classes like them on other cultures.  According to his logic this must mean that Japan an China have agents working to promote their culture in USA schools.  

Then he says "The East should collectively sit down, organize themselves, pool their resources together and get the West to celebrate"  so after accusing the west of something he wants to turn around an do the same thing.  

Second part starts out talking about the English language.  But flip-flops back an forth between language an culture when ever it suits him.  He also thinks Mandarin is equal to English.  I doubt he knows Mandarin,  nobody that knows both the language would make a statement like this.  

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Ban is propaganda manipulation  for dumb nationalist trsh who dont like to think too much, with iq 2, if not then please ask your president Xi stop flying on a evil usa yankee made boeing 747

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President Xi flys in a

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interesting you say this, I don't know about America but in Britain the celebration of Asian cultures is becoming more and more common.

I done a blog debating this yesterday, follow the link

I included pictures from the university of Glasgow's yearly Chinese new year, attended also by senior officials from the government.

It is a bad assumption to say that Chinese festivals are not held in the west, this is merely conjecture and hearsay. It is utterly not true.

Many high school in the west with good sized populations of Chinese schools are also holding Chinese new year festivals at the school.
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