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Wind and Fire Stepping to Prevent Errors of the Six Senses (Liu I Yin) [Copy link] 中文

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I had a burst of insight last night when I was working on my blogs.

I realized that the Jade Incantation Mudra is the same as the Mudra to prevent errors of the six senses used "to penetrate illusions, to glimpse entities of Pure Chi, and to see any spirit forms or ghosts".

The manner of using this mudra is to touch the second joint of the middle finger with the thumb and to stretch the remaining fingers backwards.

When used with the Wind and Fire Stepping, one uses the Jade Incantation Mudra on the left hand while handling the thunder block with the right hand.

The use of the character for "Bind" suggests application to the spread spectrum nature of Lynx-3:

"In the spread spectrum technique, energies distributed over a very wide variety of frequencies, so wide in fact that when that spectrum is received it is primarily perceived as noise, as moving in all directions with all different components unless the same sort of filter that was applied initially to spread that information across the spectrum is then utilized to filter it back into its original components. In this sense these beings have learned how to become very subtle, spread their energy across many aspects of vibration, areas you wouldn’t even consider alive or animal, plant, human, or any of the rest, yet be able to draw it together fairly rapidly as need be under any circumstances."

The incantation for this stepping pattern is: "I Move the Wind and Gather Thunder to Release Heavenly Fire".

This mudra and stepping pattern is used to "show respect to the stars".  What better way to respect the stars but to honor the constellation it is supposed to represent?

I also realized that the three steps are possibly part of the Lynx constellation.  Put the key’s above together and what do you get?  A picture is worth a thousand words:

Wind and Fire Three Pace Stepping Pattern:

Lynx Constellation:


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