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Are foreigners better? [Copy link] 中文

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Hi, there,

I have to comment on two things.

For any young lady who is dreaming of going abroad or staying abroad by using marriage with a foreigner, it is OK to express your dislike to your fellow country man at this life stage.  But, please keep in mind that Man Sit Down Talking to You or Inviting You To Be In Bed For Reasons.  

I know a man who dated a girl two weeks.  The relationship did not last long because the girl found out the man had unusual obessess with Chinese women with big breasts.  He was dreaming Chinese movie star - no way out.  He then dated a piano player with big ones but they broke up, so he picked up a Chinese girl to keep her listening to his heart-broken stories while hunting on to the next one who can sexually satisfy him.  One day, he found one, brought her to her, flirting with both of them.  One left the dinner table right away.  Another one left one year later.

There is another man dated Asian women specifically for sexual happiness.  According to his theory, the lust satisfaction comes from comparison between big western man and tiny Asian women is beyong words.  He hunts Asian women too, sometimes sincere enough to propose.  But he refuses to offer any academic advice, because he did not get enough sex, also refuses to pay for pills to avoid pregnancy of only $5.00 when his girl friend had total bank deposit of $400.00

Both of them are professors in Boston University, both of them speak five languages, one white, one black.

Girls, when you want to marry a foreigner,

1. To be sure you have skill to support yourself in case the marriage broke up.

2. To understand what is the key element to keep your ongoing marriage refreshed, language skill, economic independence...

3. Don't burn the bridge, any expression like: I want an American guy instead of Chinese will hurt your friends of boys as well as their wives.  But they are the right people you can turn for help when you are in desperate.

4. Dignity and dilligence is the best investment.

Good luck to your journey to the West!

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Reply: Are foreigners better?

Western men are in Asia only to acquire sex from Asian women. I really don't understand any other reasons why a white man would establish a relationship with someone who don't have any means of communication, culture, foods, customs, behavior and family values and establish a everlasting relationship. Why would  a man change their lives completely to be surrounded by unfamiliar territory and culture? Answer, to  solely satisfy their egotistic, perverted sex needs and fetishes.

Western men who are only interested in Asian women were a result of the Korean, Vietnam war where Asian women were used for sex, due  to the availability and convenience. In a way, Asian women are used very much like the blacks during the slaveries in the 1940's and 50's, they are used, abused and taken advantage of by a superior race. This to me, is a form or racism.

Now with the internet widely available, Western and European men have more accessibly to pornography and men are now finding a need to go overseas  to satisfy their fetishes and to exploit our women and use our country for their sex playgrounds.

Western men have the money power, therefore they can afford to travel overseas and have sex with as many women as possible, before they can return to their countries and brag about their experiences sleeping dozens of Asian women.

Of course, not all western men are like but it  seems to be the only reason why these men are in our country. Western women are not taking care of their men, so they go overseas to look for alternative sex slaves.

Before you even consider dating a western man, ask yourself this question; Is it love or is it lust? Is it really worth it? Why would you even consider dating a White man, when there are many many good Asian man who shares the same values and culture?

This is not another racist post. It is only my personal opinion and concerns. If you feel that you have to defend yourself, please don't waste your time and web space.


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Just a romantic notion, the world is one.

i believe no culture or race could ever be defined as "better".
but that which can be as much an obstacle, can also be viewed as an adventure.
diverse culture relationships can also set a path for mutual growth and learning.

An opinion on issues such as race, is often merely a reflection of an individuals point of view
or preference, often exposes our fears, our hopes, our reams, our nightmares

This question points both ways, is western men better for Asian women, equally, Asian men could be better for western women.
In all situations, so much comes down to the individual, each potentially travel to foreign lands to create an exciting past life or reputation
as suits their personal social standing. However, it must be considered in the same context of friendships and teams.
It doesn't matter of the race or culture, more of what one can contribute and share.

Love has no boundary, and we all should accept that a partner may arrive from any direction
"emotionally ambushed by someone who doesn't even speak the same language"
- surely, that is a wonderful and romantic notion?
whoever our partner may be, may not be who or what we anticipated, but they will be the "best",
and that will because of love( which is internal ), not lust. ( which is the moment )

Gazareth of Middle Earth.

ps: there is good and bad examples in every culture.
i'm a romantic, i look for good.

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Are foreigners better?

There are always two scenearios in one relationship, Hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst, that's a smart way to live a happy life.

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Are foreigners better?

relationships are as castles, strong if there is good foundation, care and consideration in their growth, enjoyment and pride in their maintenance.

when such is accomplished, not matter what race or culture your partner

strong walls, warmth, protection.........confidence and security.

add up to this.

sleep well, for you know that you are loved.

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Why I would come to China.

Westdragon, your opinion about western men all being sexual perverts is the most terrible thing I have ever read.  I am shocked that people could think that way of all western men.  I am married to my chinese wife and have been living here in China for 5 years.  We were classmates in Japan many years ago.  I love living in China and our love is strong despite the fact that many of our customs and cultural background is very different.  Interracial relationships can work and do work sometimes.  Not all of us westerners are as bad as you think.

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Unfortnatelly,  majority of people feel that way towards western men. When I see a White man with an Asian woman, automatically I think, men=customer, women=hooker.

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