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Please, try to have at least the minimum decency, for TRUTH in posts. [Copy link] 中文

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Just a minimum of decency when all these LIES are being written just seconds after their invention in the mutated brains of the creators.

Nobel Prizes are decided by western Governments.

The leading western govenment is the USA.

So the USA decides in most cases who gets what award.

( do not tell me the foundation decides, it is you who are idiots and morons, not me, of course it is decided in similar fashion to the invasion of Iraq, it matters nothing what or how you voted, the USA will do what it wants anyway, always has for [ 70 years ] and always will, until a greater force replaces the corrupt USA with a better system and better values ).

It is a terrible lie to insult the Chinese that way, the Chinese have and have had some of the greatest minds the world has ever seen or ever will see, in particular in Medicine and in Chemistry.

It is a LIE of the most wicked and foul nature, to post these seriously lacking in TRUTH posts that include the using of the USA dominated and controlled Nobel Prizes, including the Nobel Peace Prize which they considered giving to George Bush Junior.

Please, the horrific insult to the intelligence of the average vegetable, let alone a human being, please, must we read the LIES every day, such as a FAIR TRIAL for Sadam, now followed by Nobel Prizes.

Are there no limits to the evil depths you foreigners will go to screw and twist the truth and your foul deeds of your west into imaginary facts.

" Dirty deeds and there done dirt cheap " is the catch cry of the corrupted beyond redemption westerners.

The Chinese have been known by all ( including foreigners ) to be higly intelligent and very capable, for thousands of years.

The BULK, the BULK of current technology in transfer and storage of data is a Chinese invention ( those who are privy to technology information matters know who I mean ) and those who are morons, ( I do not care if you know who I mean or not ), this is not house and garden and so my comments are not directed to the extreme low level intelligence that dwells here.

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A bit more civility

would be nice.  A certain viciousness has pervaded several threads recently which really doesn't add anything to the discussions.

The *my ball is better than your ball* competition is pretty much worthless.

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Your American and a first class American.
Your a nice guy wayves and a decent American.
Your record on this forum speaks for itself.

You give the USA a good name.

However, there are others, who are very obvious, that are not first class nice guys, they are in fact the reflection of those nice qualitys.

They are in my opinion the lowest of the low, I can not often find the words to describe the low opinion I have of them.

There are nice, first class American people such as wayves and 88 (tpj) and then there are those that give scum a bad name and they know who they are.

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You say, "They are in my opinion the lowest of the low, I can not often find the words to describe the low opinion I have of them."
But that is all you do.
Word after word. Page after page. You find the words, over and over again.
You hate, you insult, you rant and you rave.
That is all you do.
You never use words to defend your arguments.
You never use words to show proof.
You never use words to show truth.
You "find the words" to insult....over and over again.
You have succeeded in accomplishing only one thing.
YOU make China look bad.
Fortunately by now everyone and anyone who comes on here and takes the time to read what you say knows that you only represent yourself and your multiple aliases.
You represent a small group of limited thinkers.
You sing the same song over and over again.
The "real" Chinese are on to you as most of us have been all along.
Rest in peace.

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Here is what I think of you.



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It has been written before, but here it is yet again.

There should be a translation page pf the Chinese written posts from the pure Chinese forums, that will show, no let that be, prove, that what I write is the majority opinion of the anger in response to the wicked anti-China thought that infects an entire western world.

Hurt China, far far from the truth, of course another lie.

Defend her honour to the death is more like it.

Never say die and never ever allow these westerners to attempt to humble her in their own sneaky fashion and get away with it.

That is what I stand for. That is what I am.

And proud of it.

Very proud of it.

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Are you serious?

Blackie...all you do is call names and make accusations to accompany wild claims of Chinese superiority. Asking for proof or even a breakdown in rationale for such is grounds (apparently) to be ranted on and called names. To an onlooker (of any country) this makes you look weak and stupid. I'm not joking, I'm trying to help.
Your Friend(and friend of China), Tek

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