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Operation Summer Pulse 2004 - US sends 7 CSGs within striking distance of China [Copy link] 中文

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You know what? I kinda agree with you.
It is time America woke up to how the world sees her.
Although there is some distance between how the world sees her and you.

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is it going to attach China or the DPRK?

it is so scary, it will cause a stir in the region.

the usa has too long a tentacle!!

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As soon as CHINA!CHINA!CHINA! see's herself like the rest of the world sees it the better everyone will be...particularly her own citizens.

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UK subs and some


42,240 (including Fleet Air Arm and Royal Marines)

4?Ballistic missile submarine (SSBN)
12 ?Nuclear-fuelled submarine (SSN)





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excellent post!

Thanks.  That was quite a read.  If you get a chance, check out Tom Clancy's Red Storm Rising - about 20 yrs. old, but it has some pretty gripping detail on what anti-ship missiles can do, which is ruin the whole day.

I don't understand (probably because I'm an evil American) why this exercise would upset people.  How else would China's military intelligence get such a close-up look at what it would face in a real war with a real naval power, all for the national pride of "reuniting" that nagging democratic island with the motherland?  Flexing our muscle should knock some sense into those, who think taking Ta iwan would be easy, as well as those who think China's military is even close to at parity with the US Navy.  Either way, it probably promotes peace.  No one watching this exercise (except for the US naval crews) will be eligible to vote in the November election.  So, much as some may wish to call this an election ploy by Bush, I don't know how this could help him.  Teddy Roosevelt pulled a similar stunt about 100 yrs. ago and is remembered quite fondly for it.  But electoral politics it was not.

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U.S. Pacific Fleet Online

Hey guys, for more information about this Summer Pulse thing, check out, for the U.S. Pacific Fleet homepage.  Click on the Summer Pulse link in the middle.

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ehh... What?

Wait hold a minute... why do some keep repeating we will blow them out of the water concept. Did you really and honestly read the whole article? Chinese official actually said they could only handle one or two of CSG's but certainly not 7. of course it went back to the usual Chinese rhetoric with them saying "soon we will be able to destroy even 7 CSG's". "with the massive potential or our "future forces" LOL. it's now that matters.

Anyhoo DAMN that Bush, what is he trying to prove this time? 7 CSG is a little overkill. and if at least one gets destroyed or attacked America is going to have to save-face. LOL bring on M.A.D.

At least its good to know our Naval Fleets are being properly funded. (show of force usually means it matters)
I've heard a lot of very interesting things about the future of American Navy, lol to make such advancements they really need proper funding.
LOL just cause we're technologically superior now does not mean we'll stop there. Lets play the cat and mouse game. Its not like we haven't been through one already.
I could never be neutral. I take one side right or wrong

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