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Operation Summer Pulse 2004 - US sends 7 CSGs within striking distance of China [Copy link] 中文

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Given that there is a GOD a master of the Universe.

The last place in the world on this planet that he would bless is the USA.

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are you f*cking kidding me?

repeated asserting that USA is the greatest and most powerful country does not make it true. it DOES however make the rest of the world want to piss on your flag and burn the cast of 'friends'.

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isdbeta - post number2...maybe this one will make it

lsdbeta, can you identify your nationallity?

What is your intention of this post?  

Lemme speculate...i want to be freinds with the chinese...and I know if I bring my anti-american(in disguise) talk here, they will appreciate me...

surely you don't think the US navy is so ignorant that it would put its beloved ships near 2 million dollar missiles that could take them out so easily do you?  

I mean, we could sink them ourselves, or even better, not build them...i think china actually has the sunburn as well as india and probably n korea, iran and all the other good buddies of mother russia.  Yup, even we could have purchasd them...too bad we had a liberal in the white house.

But what I really love, is the thought that america can't be a bad as$, but china can.  Well, I guess I shouldn't be surprised, as I am on a chinese web site.  I wonder if chinese people go to american web sites and say "hey, did you all know america would destroy most of china's nuclear arsenal before it ever left the silo??"   nahhh, they probably wouldn't be seeking the approval of others...

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what are you talking about mike?

i'm australian, if you read my post properly, it said nothing about who would blow who up. i gave an evaluation on the various weapons that may or may not be used, should the case be that various countries take up arms.

don't be so defensive. this is a chinese oriented website, suck it up if you can, but don't chew down on people for expressing their opinions freely, isn't that what your country(i'm assuming america) is supposed to be all about?

get over it yank.

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fyi, y'all ...

the author of the original article, ching cheong, is a hkong chinese writing for the straits times (a state-sponsored singaporean paper).  my straits times correspondent friend told me this guy is considered a "china hawk" and is constantly on the look-out for ways to criticize america and cast doubt on u.s. intentions.  


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why its best to ignore news when it comes to all these rumours and stuff. Just treat them as a joke etc. life goes better that way haha

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isdbeta sure did get a rise out of you.
I think its a great post.
Well done.
The sooner America see itself like all the world sees her, the better.

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