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old days mmm

i played the games since i was 5-6 old.

The first was those days good old computers in late 1980s with the arcade shooting alien games haha.

Then it was formula 1 on pc and hmm Nintendo mario haha, i remember how crazy i was playing it with my parents. It was quite a family game those days.

Then it became more graphic with sega and super nintendo the spiky characters coming in and mortal kombats.

Once the pc got an upgrade gezzz the most addicted was C&C Red Alert. i played it wayyy too much into top 100 ranking on online gaming. Grazy teenager times.

Playstation also took off by then and FF7 was a blaster for me on PC it was even better. Then came the rest of the Final Fantasy games, i just love FF haha can't wait for the next DVD set of FF7 the advent childs.

Out of other PC games i liked C&C other series quite a bit until my laptop now can't play the newer ones grrr.

The Diablo 2 is great as well as with Baldurs Gate 2 and Icewind Dale 2.

For football fanatics like me a bit we play Championship manager 4 and its series, just too good.

Sudden strike 2 is good as well, But Homeworld 1-2 just rocks, love this blasting space strategy game.

For the space games Freespace 2 is the cream of them all if you love flying with shields and multi missiles like in animes plus all these Ion beams flying when you try to take down the big cruisers with your bomber or fighter.

Hmm what else, Age of empires 2 was ok, although i just like brain teasers like Sim City 2000-3000-4000 although they got bit repetitive in the end.

Those who are really bored might unfortunately get hooked onto The Sims gaming which is bad lol.

For those who love to blast around, i suppose counter strike and other verions of Quake/half-life etc is always a healthy dose for those military crazy guys, although not my taste.

Ok enough i'm ggetting wayyy too hyper these days.

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Good post neocortex

I have played nearly all of those you listed.
I agree with your scales and opinions also.
The space to hold all these games is also awesome.


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I used to be a good player at Age Of Empires:  The Conquerors.   I even got invited into a couple of online clans.

Civilization 3 is indeed excellant; although I enjoyed the huge tech gaps which were possible on Civ 2 which allowed you to bombard your enemy's spearmen from space.

I just bought an Xbox and have been playing Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow.  Superb gameplay, graphics, and design.

I'm also getting into Starcraft with some guys here in Chengdu.  It's an old game, but the dynamics make it a classic.

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oh yeah

damn how could i forget other RTS games like Starcraft and its brood war, those were addictive online lol.

Warcraft 3 is goody as well speking of RTS genres =D

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i dont have enough time to play games online. riding and shooting maybe my favor

especially with a mock wheel,not with the mouse clikking and keyboard punching type.

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wish my PC had more power to play latest games..

Age of Empires and the expansion sets on the PC.

Am a Playstation2 user. My best games from there are the:
Final Fantasy series,
Kingdom Hearts,
Grand Turismo4
and my latest favorite is TimeSplitters2

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They banned html codes, sigh

<embed width="500" height="50" src="mms://[Z][最终幻想][FINAL%20FANTASY][FINAL%20FANTASY]/FINAL%20FANTASY%20X-2%20Original%20Soundtrack/30%20-%20Epilogue%20~Reunion~.wma" autostart=true></embed>

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