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Where is our Embassy, where is our Pilot Hero, where is our Apology, and : [Copy link] 中文

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Where is our USA stolen territory that must be returned.

These are important issues and issues where the American Liars have continued to distort and feed and provoke China.


Because they can not live with the thought of a China that is " EQUAL " to them, let alone superior to them.

It is a white superiority western complex.

The world has changed, these foreigners need to to get with the program.

The program is China.

Get a life USA, not get a " LIE " get a LIFE.

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mikeghet warmonger.

Concensus decided it.

You want peace you get peace.

You want to treat Chinese as equal, we agree we are equal.

You want to work with China we work with you.


You want to treat or think of Chinese as inferior people.

mikeghet we have a problem.

You want war mikghet.

You also have a problem.

You do not want to work with us mikeghet.

Big problem, your economy will collapse.


mikeghet warmonger, you have a problem, say again, " YOU " have a problem.

Get with the program mikeghet, Chinese are equal to Americans.

We are not afraid of you.

We control your economy, if you desire to continue to live in the manner to which you are used to, get with the program.

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hahaha - warmonger = how funny = not true

I don't recal saying you were afraid of americans...i hope not.  

Yes, all people are equal, well, except for you, because ur not realy a person.

hummm, i don't recall consenting on anything...can u point this out for me?

It's so funny, because you tell me to stop thinking the american way is the best and to get my act straight, but then you try and tell me the chinese way is the best.  Isn't that contradicting your beliefs???

I thought OUR economy was the 11trillion dollar economy???  Chinese ecnomies certainly depends on us more than we do of them.  You wouldn't have any jobs if we(and other western countries) didn't introduce 'modern day slavery' to china.  We could have picked india or mexico, which both are slightly in the same situation china is in, which is dependent upon foreign investment.  The cheap labor in china that produces so many of our products will not be for long...soon as the balance of cheap products to loss of jobs reaches a point where there are not enough people in america employeed to buy the cheap products, there will be a sruplus of cheap products and therefore no more demand and the chinese economic bubble will burst.  

Now, you will of course take this as an anti-chinese statement, but it's not intended to be...look at it like Fre$ dicussion...i know it might be a new concept for you, but it does exist in the world and one day eveyrone will have this right, even you.  

People used to talk how the american bubble would have to burst eventually and it did...this doesn't mean they hate america...they are educated realists and people that aren't going to make ignorant claims that america will grow at 10% every year for eternity.

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Western Biased Opinion continues

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  reply: where is....
our Embassy:
In a pile of dust in Belgrade.

where is our Pilot Hero:
At the bottom of the South China Sea.

where is our Apology:
You got an immediate apology for the embassy, and an expression of regret for the loss of the pilot's life.

Where is our USA stolen territory that must be returned:
We're hiding it an an undisclosed location in Nevada.

Where did you think they were?


2004-07-03 11:03

" In a pile of dust in Belgrade. "

That is not funny, that proves the limited thought that has ben mentioned so often and it proves the bias,
But most of all it proves the contempt with which you think of China.

" At the bottom of the South China Sea. "

That is a low blow and an evil comment.
Where is your respect for the mans life let alone his family.
Not only do you show your true " COLORS " but you also show your true " COLOR ". Your heart is black and your soul empty of remorse of any kind.
How could you write that, how, I do not understand the lack of feeling.

I am too shocked to write more, maybe later.

The apology is the standard reference to Japan that you have ingnored in typical white superiority fashion.

All in all your reply is lacking in any morality.

For the first time ever, I am speechless.

Maybe more later.

" At the bottom of the South China Sea. "

How could you write that ?

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how could hedan write that?

hm ... let's think here.  maybe he feels the need to respond in kind with your racist and ultranationalistic sloganeering, chairman?  think that could be the reason?

none of us evil westerners on the forum hate china, at least i don't think so.  i can only speak of myself with certainty, but am pretty sure china-hating westerners wouldn't even bother participating here even if they did know about the forum.  

i've said before that america has a lot of bigots, and that i hope they don't make it onto this forum.  i don't think that is the case yet.  

so next time you wonder "how could he say that?" just read your own posts with open eyes, chairman.  you are indeed the one harming china.  westerners such as hedan are probably the closest thing you guys are going to get to "china friends" without those westerners losing their own nationality.


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Reply to Gertrude.

I do not agree, I see it as a terrible thing to say and write and think.

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Come on hedan it was not nice, just admit it and lets get on with other stuff.

You know it was not nice, I know it was not nice.

Just leave it at that.

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