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Is America a " LIE " [Copy link] 中文

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Once again one of Chairman's aliases responds to another one's post.
Let the comedy flow!
Thanks for the laugh!

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Look in the mirror.

America is far from perfect - and the current administration is certainly the worst is has had in a long time.  But to date it hasn't starved tens of millions of its own people while seeking a great leap forward, worked millions of its citizens to death in gulags, burned millions in ovens because of their religious belief or ethnic origin, built empires on the backs of the downtrodden or beheaded prisoners.

As I said, it hasn't been perfect by any means.  In war  has firebombed cities, dropped atomic bombs and from time to time committed atrocities as bad as those of any other army at war, In peace it has colluded with gangsters in the production and transport of heroin, allied with criinals to overthrow governments that it didn't like and overrun countries long enough to ensure that they have governments that it approves of.

its democracy isn't perfect, but its minorities aren't downtrodden and its poor are generally better off than the poor of any third world country.   it overconsumes the worlds resources without a doubt.  However at its present rate China will be destroying nature far faster, not only overall, but on a per-capita basis as well.  In the course of its long civilisation China has done little to better the world and it was Chinese who colluded with British and American opium smugglers to destroy the lives of millions of their own citizens, just as Americans and British collude with cocaine and heroin smugglers to destroy their fellow citizens.

Xenophobia looks no better dressed in Chinese skin than in American skin.  We are all brothers, we have one planet with finite resources.  For every sin you think you see in America, remember that it is one that China has either committed in the past or will probably commit in the future.  Your hatred earns you nothing but stress and unhappiness.

We have a world to save.  Xenophobia will speed its destruction.  Open your eyes.

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Be careful where you are looking.

You say "TThe greatest killer the world has ever seen in the USA and greatest torturer of humanity is the USA, the great Satan the Muslims call the USA."
Really?  Is that the USA that defeated Japan, freeing China of its odious oppression?  What torture has it done that remotely equals that of... Stalin, Pol Pot, Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Vlad the Impaler, not to mention more than one figure in Chinese history.  
  "Freedom" in the U.S. context means freedom to do things, not freedom from things - although there has been a tendency to subvert that basic principle over the past century.  And the basic freedoms are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Notice I said "the PURSUIT of happiness"  Happiness isn't guaranteed.  But the government is going to minimize the barriers it puts between you and your happiness.
  You'll point to problems and exceptions in this area - and there are.  And there is far too much hypocracy.  But The ideals are there and as the U.S. drifts away from them, it self-corrects and moves back towards them, for they are its guiding star.
  Undoubtedly the people in iraq were better off before the Americans arrived - at least many oof them were.  But the same question could have been asked of survivors of the Ching dynasty period during the early years of the Communist revolution of China and they would have said the same thing.  People don't like change and they treasure security.  Iraq is going through a difficult time now, but with the world's help it will emerge as a far better nation and its whole population will share in its wealth rather than only Saddam Hussein and his tribe.  Take a historical perspective and you'll be far less critical.

The U.S. doesn't rule the world.  Money does.  Power does.  And money and power have no race, nationality, ethics or morality.  If you concentrate your gaze on the U.S., you'll miss seeing the hand of the magician that is in your pocket.

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quoting above: "The U.S. doesn't rule the world. Money does. Power does. And money and power have no race, nationality, ethics or morality. If you concentrate your gaze on the U.S., you'll miss seeing the hand of the magician that is in your pocket."

The thing is US is at the moment the one with the power and money. Hence why most people do concentrate on US. US can use its power as it pleases for now. While by no means US is the worst country that has the power (from the history perspective comparatively on other nations). But the word "freedom" is really too general and it isn't always a good thing for every situation and every person.

Whoever with power which is derived from other things like money is the one that rules. All i will say everything is relative to one another, whatever the argument is thrown upon.

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The Idea of America


For all those who are confused about what Americe is, I.m posting something from a book "The Idea of America".  

There is much more, but this is like the foreword, and I cannot duplicate the whole book.  If you ever have a chance to get your hands on a copy of this book, I highly recommend you read it CAREFULLY.

Here it goes:
On the 3rd of July, 1776,  John Adams, wrote a letter to his wife back in Boston. "I am apt to believe," he said describing the 'grand event,' the signing of the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain, "that it will be celebrated by succeeding generations as the great anniversary festival...

"It ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires, and illuminations, from one end of this continent to the other, from this time forward. for evermore."

And so it is some 227 years later. The Fourth of July is one of our nation's most important holidays. The day we celebrate the unique American experience.

After 9/11, so many people bought flags that the shops ran short. Old Glory festooned nearly every porch and bridge. Patriotism swelled every heart. Europeans, coming back to the Old Country after visiting the new one, reported that they had never seen anything like it. Citizens wave, wear, display and decorate airplanes, windows, baseball caps, car bumpers, dog collars and front porches with Old Glory. Sometimes they even fly them on flagpoles.

And sometimes, when necessary, they send their sons and daughters to die for it.

But what is this "America" that we love so much? What has drawn millions of immigrants to America? The American Dream? The American Way?  What is it that Adams suggested ought to be celebrated with pomp and parade? What is so important about the nation that prompted him to also write the 4th of July ought to "be commemorated, as the day of deliverance, by solemn acts of devotion to God Almighty"?

Why should we care more about America
than say, France, for example, Lithuania or Chad?

A Frenchman takes his country for granted. He is born into it, just as he is born into his religion. He may be proud of La Belle France the way he is proud of his cheese. But he is not fool enough to claim credit for either one. He just feels lucky to have them for his own. Americans are different.

America is different.

Nations are usually composed of groups of people who share common blood, a common culture and a common language though there are plenty of exceptions, especially among the made-up nations of former European colonies. Americans are different. They come from many different cultures, races and language groups...

Americans don't even share a common history. The average immigrant didn't arrive until the early 20th century. By then, America's history was already three centuries old. The average family missed the whole thing.

If Americans weren't united by blood, history, religion or language ... what else is left?

What does it mean to be an American? What is, or what used to be, the idea of America? And what is happening to the idea of America today?

"An Important Collection of Deep Thinking About America"

The so-called "neo-cons" - a self-styled group of politicians with a lot of influence in Washington and with the Bush administration - believe that the idea of "America" is something to be proselytised the world over. And - despite warnings of the nation's first president to be "wary of foreign entanglements" - spread by military might, if necessary.

"Our power is so great, and so unlikely to be challenged for many, many years," Admiral Stansfield Turner, former head of the CIA, recently declared "that you have to go back to Rome for any kind of parallel. It's a misnomer to speak of the United States as being merely a super-power. We're a super-duper power, and I don't know that the world has seen one of those before."

The experiment set forth by the signing the Declaration of Independence has been the most successful political endeavor in human history. That is clear. But should it be exported at the point of a gun?

Before answering that question, we suggest a return to a time when America was scarcely more than an idea....

In an all-new, important collection of essays called The Idea of America , we explore the very questions at the bedrock of the nation. This book represents some of the most important ideas that have shaped thinking about America -- what it is and what it is supposed to be.

Some of the pieces are well known, like the Declaration of Independence, others much less conventional, for example, Voltairine de Cleyre's Anarchism and American Traditions.

Unfortunately, even the most well known documents like the Bill of Rights are little read or understood by any Americans. Perhaps it is a good thing they don't read them.... who knows? Maybe they would begin to wonder if America were really all that it was intended to be. Maybe they would ask questions: is the country really on the right track?

Surely, most people would prefer to wave the flag and not think about such things. But if you are the sort of person who is not afraid to wonder, this book may be the perfect thing for your summer reading. It's not a long heavy tome; just 238 pages of what must be the essential texts for those thoughtful enough to want to understand the Idea of America.

You'll read some sparkling diamonds of clear-headed thinking from our country's Founders, Patrick Henry, Thomas Paine, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.

You'll discover select passages from Alexis de Tocqueville's famous Democracy in America, about decentralization, the dangers of powerful democratic governments and the usefulness of private associations. This classic is much quoted and little read. You may find after reading the highlights that you want to read the entire original.

And you'll gain the perspective of some of America's most insightful critics, H.L. Mencken and Mark Twain.

end of article.

So, how does that make you feel?  Are you ready to get the book?  Can you get this book in a bookstore in your country?

BTW,  I'm Swiss born, 50 years old, and an American by CHOICE!  

Have a great week!


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What do they want, our American friends?

May I, a humble newbie, offer these thoughts to your good-selves:

Is America a lie?

What do they want, our American friends? Chase they a rainbow that never ends? They chased it from Europe, across oceans deep, they chased it cross plains and up mountains steep. They chased in business and chased it in war, they chased till reaching a new ocean shore. They crossed to Hawaii, to Wake Island, Guam; they crossed to Manilla and still they came on.

They fought with the islanders, blew them to ashes; they fought with Koreans and the Vietnamese masses. They fight and they fight and are fighting on still: if you won't ask why, then, by God, I will! What are you chasing, what are you after? Don't you know this life is for laughter? With all your of weapons and all of your money, you are still wanting more - now is that funny?

What is it Yankee, what is Reb, what is that hunger that haunts you abed? You better wake up, and wake pretty soon; life's a short day, and it's already noon. The American dream, my dear friend, is just that: beer don't make you happy, it just makes you fat.

Blackie Lau asks if your country's a lie. Its a good question and I'll tell you why: we are one race, just one human nation, with a common beginning and the same destination. Its not just the US that's utterly fake: it's all the same, whichever you take. Something is real though: something I need. Something to feel though, not something to read!


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funny observation

my friend was on the national mall sunday (the area between the congress building, white house, and lincoln memorial) for the july 4th celebration.  they were handing out little american flags.  on the bottom right-hand corner, small print read: "made in china."



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