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Another opinion of the extreme bias and manufactured lies against China. [Copy link] 中文

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Instead of the constant attacks and finger pointing against China due to her considerable advances and good work for her self and her people, the westerners must come to the stark realization, that China is the future and the famous lines of the World needs China and China needs the World, still ring true now in 2004.

For 1,000 years the west has ruled the world, they may not have led the world but they have ruled it, been the master of its destiny, it is the west who have killed and starved and tortured the innocents of planet earth.

Now the world sees a new phase a new period, where China will lead and this leaves a bad taste in the mouth of the west, but the west is in no position to stop China, even the use of lies and distortions as mentioned by another poster, will do little to stop the tide of Chinese advance.

She is after all China, the one and soon to be whole China and the west would be better to find ways to live with the great China than to continue to throw sticks and stones at the house of China, which is not made of glass but of solid stone.

The feelings of the westerners, most of all the white population who have used Chinese as servants and slaves, are obviously not pleased at the thought of haveing those they see as slaves, be their new masters, but it need not be like that.

China does not threaten peace, in fact, China does not threaten anyone anywhere, China wants a free world of free peoples under threat from no hand anywhere.

It is time for the west to come to grips with the facts and the truths, that their day is over and this is a brave new world, led by China.

Chinese have always been very intelligent and very hard working race of people, much of the western world was built by Chinese, railways and bridges and so on, the Chinese have always been there, but only now they have become united as one giant force for their own advancement, who would wish them other than a great future.

Instead of the constant array of lies and the very extreme bias as mentioned by others, the west, the western foreigners, need to stop the attemps to split and subvert and injure China and instead, work with China and assist her in the advance of China and the creation of a better life for all Chinese and for all innocent peoples everywhere.

The life and times of the west is over, time to move on, time to move up.

Stop the lies and the extreme bias, get behind China,

Time to move on and time to move up.

Time for the world to grow into a better place led by China.

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nice to see some logical posts from you

hi chairman,

i'm glad that you are writing coherently, even if you are wrong.  i don't think china wants to lead the world, even though you may want it to.  it seems the chinese are too concerned with peace and security to get seriously involved in other people's affairs, even if it is for good.

the chinadaily reported a few months ago about a chinese humanitarian mission in the congo (or liberia, i can't remember which).  a few hundred soldiers were going over there in a non-military role in order to provide aid, but not peace-keeping duties.  i think this is a good step toward a more helpful role for china on the world stage.  but it is a far cry from leading the world.  

another thing ... even though you have lived in other countries and like life in china better, many chinese still choose to live in other countries and make their lives there.  they are still chinese in terms of culture and even language, but a different nationality.  

"Chinese have always been very intelligent and very hard working race of people, much of the western world was built by Chinese, railways and bridges and so on, the Chinese have always been there, but only now they have become united as one giant force for their own advancement, who would wish them other than a great future."

i agree with the first part, but most of the chinese who establish their lives overseas are not interested in transforming those countries to be like china or anything like that.  instead, they are able to see things from a different perspective and feel comfortable to disassociate their chinese culture and heritage from the current government in china.  what i mean is that the chinese who for centuries have been emigrating all over the world don't necessarily feel the same as you do.  they love china, the country they left, but that was long before your ideology emerged.

china is a great nation with a splendid history, but the current government has only been around for the last century.  


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Americans go to make their home in England and New Zealnd and Australia, even France and a great many other places, because they desire something that America can not offer.

All kinds of people go to the USA because they think they can get what those Americans thought they could get.

But only westerners, mostly white or mixed breeds with giant chips on their shoulders, choose to attack China and her government and her population from outside and inside.

You have been clearly shown to be what you " are ", recently.


Now readers see you in not only clear light, but the grime of spite and hate for China that covers you and the I love China that proceeds all and very insult you have to offer.

I saw you callled a HALF person, that is not very nice, they confused your HALF thinking for your humanity.

You know nothing of Chinese, what they are thinking or why they are thinking it, you continue day after day and week after week to attack the government of China, which the Chinese respect and admire and are very glad is at the helm to guide China into the future.

The day of white people is over and the day of their running dogs is over, you must, you tsupasat must see Asians as at least your equal if not your betters.

There is no stopping China, get used to it, or get steam rolled.

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...the use of the word 'betters'. See, equals just means that you want to be taken seriously...that you're a contender. But you mentioned race(asian) and said betters. That's racist. We (me myslf and I) are not surprised.

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The term " betters " was an English Invention. So it is interesting. Used for keeping lower working class in their place versus people of better station in life. Nothing racist in it at all. Nothing.

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That is right.

Betters, was invented by the English to make the poor and unfortunate keep their place.

They did not just do this to slaves ( who were below still further ) they did this to their own : Who were is service : and in many cases born into service. Their lowly station in life.

Now today, the distinction is able to be made between the lower thinker and the higher thinker.

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Once again one of Chairman's aliases responds to another one's post.
Let the comedy flow!
Thanks for the laugh!

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