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Manufactured Lies to feed the frenzy of the Anti-China USA Congress [Copy link] 中文

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to Mark Wu

I think you should take your post out and place it as a stand alone thread.
It was good Mark.

Extension of the feeding frenzy of the USA Congress.

For those westerners who came and attacked my thread, thank you for again, proving the points that I made.

Interesting that a great American " Henry Ford " was made famous and very rich by the hate of the many lesser men who continued to attack him his whole life.

The TRUTH does hurt, but your USA LIES also hurt, it is well known and documented that the USA Congress is Anti-China, to say otherwise, is preaching to vegetables.

Being a Congressman is not a great claim to intelligence, some of those guys have trouble finding the local Arbys, let alone China on a world map.

Most only knew where China was when Clinton was President.

They are COLD WAR era elected Congressmen in many cases, they have very narrow vision, known as tunnel vision and they have a clouded perspective of basic reality.

In the great majority of cases they are white.

They see most things in Yellow and White, not Black and White, but Yellow and White, for goodness sake, they were still attacking American Negroes in Racist fashion only last year.

It is beyong the mental ability of most American Congressmen to grasp the reality that China is a huge nation, full of Chinese.

Many of them are very surprised to find China is full of Chinese and on further inspection, they find that the Chinese Government is also Chinese.

This is a great shock to a USA Congressman, that China is not only populated by Chinese, but is ruled by Chinese as well.

Yes, dear USA Gongressmen, China is full of Chinese and the Government is Chinese, surprise, surprise, surprise.

Now that Island of ours, is also full of Chinese.

Which bit do you not get here.

The Chinese in China ruled by Chinese require the Urgent return of their Island Province, also full of Chinese to be returned to the whole China, which is also full of Chinese.

Lost you did I, never mind.

I will try again.

China has many provinces, full of Chinese, two are Islands, one is located to the South and the other is located to the East.

The Eastern one has been compromised by you the USA and you the USA Congress, due to dirty deals that were done dirt cheap by previous administrations.

It has been China for thousands of years and will continue to be China for thousands of years more.

Thousands of years, not 500 years, like you people, but thousands of years and we simply require the return of our province in a fashion that is non violent and full of peace and goodwill.

Sending your rusting crates of dated technology into oceans and seas close to China, makes little if any difference at all.

Alerting Japan to stand by and assist you in this futile effort only opens old wounds and deep deep wounds at that.

Using a killer of Chinese, a rapist of Chinese and a torturer of Chinese to assist you in your doomed efforts is none too bright and that was what I said above anyway, you are as DIM as the people you represent.

As you have no morals, you can not get a grip on the Chinese who do have morals and will take back their property, their territory, their soil, their China.

China must be whole, not split.

Chinese are a people of honour, unfortunately for all concerned, the USA Congress has no honour and is as limited in its thinking as the people that it claims to represent.


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The people mentioned in my posts, look to have made a grand effort under many invented names to dis-credit me in the comments section in the CD where this was lead post was printed.

It only makes what I wrote more so true and more so fact.

You should be ashamed of yourselves.

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Once again J&J shows his/her limited intelligence

Congress is not aware that China and her government are
This is so stupid it requires no comment.

Now he/her tries to accuse others of having multiple screen names. HAHAHA...Everyone knows chairman, blackie, j&J and many others are one and the same...ridiculous!

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Who or what is this wowzers creature.

I know most critters, but this little one I have never seen before.
Nasty little devil that is to be sure.

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Here's chairman with yet another screen head is in the clouds all right..)

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What a stange little creature or critter you are.

What a foul mouth as well, no teeth thank goodness, but a nasty smell.
A Gummy Critter that was the word I was looking for.

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mountain, chairduh, junkie, whatever name you write under

That's right!
No proof!
So you resort to name calling...

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