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Manufactured Lies to feed the frenzy of the Anti-China USA Congress [Copy link] 中文

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I think your brain needs washing, oh, sorry, it's already been done.

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How my post turned into a SARS thread I have no idea, however, so be it.

The reaction to the SARS incident by the Chinese was both fast and exact, once the full situation was realised.

It is of course true that many people die of many other things but no attention was focused on those things.

SARS was seen as another chance to bash China and insult her and injure her, however the Chinese were always confident that the Government would deal with the problem and resolve the problem, which the Government did with the complete assistance of the entire Chinese Nation and her very expert medical staff.

But there were few if any congratulations to China.

I even know some who were sad that the problem was fixed and that China maintained her awesome growth even through SARS.

What a mighty performance by China, it dwarfs anything the USA has ever done.

To advance to grow to increase her wealth and her living standards and at the same time fight and defeat SARS.

Mighty China.

Fact and Truth.

Mighty China, brave Chinese, to advance and defeat SARS at the same time.


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it's started

the US have slapped tariffs on furniture and textiles from China; if Chinese furniture manufacturers can make to sell at low prices because they get their raw materials from Indonesia and their worker rates are much lower than elsewhere, how can it be construed as unfair pricing?

One of the greatest dangers China must be aware of is the capacity of the Anglo-Saxon governments to (a) create rules of the game, and then (b) change the rules of the game when it is to their own interest.

Japan suffered once (and in turn hit China with straw mats etc); so too did the Koreans & Europeans (steel) and Australians (meat).  Other countries too. Only the British have sneaked through into the US market due to its special relationship with key US congressional lobbyists.

One can understand the need to protect strong vote-gathering groups in the US but if the US have set the rules to be fair two-way through consensual agreement based on WTO guidelines, how can the US change the rules now that (a) China is complying and opening its markets to the US and the rest of the world, (b) Chinese goods are helping prevent inflationary pressures in the US, which would have killed its own efforts to revive its economy?

Be also aware that the British are equally adept at changing rules.  They can in one stroke change the rules of trading on their metal and other exchanges.

Moving the goalpost; changing pre-agreed rules midway; it's poker with sleight of hand, not fair trade.

Who would then blame anyone not to be too warm towards democratic capitalism?

Watch out for the next oil game. It can tilt the power equation quickly, especially if synchronised with military intervention to 'safeguard' oil transport lines and channels.

Be aware of the currency traders acting on proxy.  They can change the whole complexion of the international trade market.

Meanwhile Japan flexes its muscles to play the devil's game on the exploration and island-flagging fields.

It's started.  Like a calm be ruffled by an impending storm.

Little pieces of the jigsaw puzzle.  How many can see it? How many can do anything about it? Where did the moves emanate?

China must have its own think-tank to monitor such profligacies.

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That was a very good post Mark Wu

I suggest you post it as a stand alone in this Changing China section.

It is worthy of its own thread and thank you.

Yes, it has started.

Post it in a stand alone Mark if you would.

I will follow it up when it is on its own thread.

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i can't even write the name "j1ang."  give me a break.  this is ridiculous.  if the moderators feel their "dear china" is being hurt so much, then why not just go and rewrite your textbooks?!  just erase everything that is even slightly negative!  the next time your friend tells you there is some food stuck in your teeth, ban them!  

trying to have a sensible discussion here is like running a marathon under the sea.


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Blah,blah, subversive,blah...

Do something then! Why stand for a minute longer...
Find me and deal with me! Not gonna happen is me!! Not much to report is there?! Oooohhh...foreigner expresses different opinion than that of average Chinese...News at 11 for sure!
J&J you are really just a blowhard. A real internet gangsta!!

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You have said much.

The contents of what you have said are contained in the main thread.

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