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Manufactured Lies to feed the frenzy of the Anti-China USA Congress [Copy link] 中文

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These persons who are employed by the USA Think Tanks in particular the regular forum writer located in the Washington Think Tank, better called the Anti-China Washington Think Tank.

These people sent into China to cause unrest by the USA dis-information and propaganda forces are better known as Think Tanks.

The USA Congress is anti-China and therefore the USA Government and agencies have people paid to create LIES and even if needed to create a new TRUTH to feed the frenzy of the anti-China USA Congress.

The Chinese who assist in these efforts are Hanjian.

The USA sends these agents to dis-inform into China, maybe even in the guise of educators, it is an evil type of web of manufactured LIES that has been in use by the USA for 70 years and by the western forces to harm and or insult or even attempt to destroy China for 400 years.

These writers for the slander of China, spread out into the various media around the World and into the China media sources and even into this Forum and other forums.

Their job is to harm China, to create LIES about China, to mis-inform to dis-inform and to feed the USA public with a vision of China far from the truth and very far from the facts.

More important, the job of these writers from the USA Think Tanks, in particular the Washington Think Tank writer who writes on a regular basis in the CD Forum with manufactured and created Lies, his main job is to feed the frenzy of anti-China in the anti-China USA Congress.

For 70 years the USA Government Agencies have created these types of lies to feed the frenzy of people who feel the neeed to hate and require evidence to feed that hate, these Think Tanks and again this one in Wqashington that writes in this forum on a regular basis, continues 400 years of manufactured evidence against China and the Chinese people to create a situation and to manufacture insult for the pure end of harm to the Chinese and China.

The Chinese who assist in these efforts are Hanjian.

It is a business in the USA, the dis-information business, we saw it in Iraq, in Africa, in Iran, in Afghanistan, in North Korea, In Vietnam and now we see it in full flight, from the Washington Think Tank, being written in this CD forum.

The USA Congress thinks of big bad China, but they have no reason, so the USA agencies create these Think Tanks and these operatives to create the image of a big bad China, to spoil the rise and advance of China, to dis-credit the great things China has done.

It is their busines to create LIES to even try and create facts or even a truth with the effort of their many with one intent, to harm and hurt and insult China as she grows and advances.

The USA Congress need to hate China, wants to hate China and these Think Tanks and their writers create, manufacture and paint the dirt and filth that the USA Congress needs.

This extends to the China territory that must be returned, this extends to the Japanes aplology that must be given.

All these creations of manufactured slander for the harm of China.

The Chinese who assist in these efforts are Hanjian.

It is no surprise that the slander and lies of these USA think tank writers has increased as China pepares for more advanced peace negotiations for the return of her renegade Island.

China with the CCP at the helm has done so much and created a more advanced China a China better for all Chinese.

But these operatives of the USA agencies will stop at nothing to create and to manufacture the means by which to make the American people at least doubt China and at most hate China.

They are manufacturers of not just LIES but of HATE against a nice people, a generous people and a kind people, the Chinese do not deserve these lies and slander created for an anti-China USA Congress.

The Chinese who assist in these efforts are Hanjian.

Treachery is a terrible offence in China, to betray ones own Chinese is a wicked and evil crime, frowned upon by all Chinese not just the Government, Beijing and the CCP.

It is a crime of the lowest order, these USA Washington Think Tank writers who not only manufacture these lies but make an active effort to seach for Hanjian to support these Lies that can and maybe will harm China and her advance, but most of all will create a situation for the recovery of her renegade Island and here is the real reason for the manufacture of the lies.

Rule by the majority, not rule by the small or limited vested interest, for China is a huge population and must be ruled by the majority, to do less would be criminal in itself.

These USA Think Tank writers and these subversives and splittest who are assisted by Hanjian to destroy China at most and to harm her much in the very least, must be forced to the surface and punished.

China has done so well under all her leaders, she has advanced and advanced and China is the envy of the western imperial forces and her running dogs.

Yes, western imperial forces and their running dogs.

These " running dogs " of the western forces for the slavery of all the human race who do not obey the demands of the west, include these Washington Think Tanks and other USA Think Tanks that are paid with Gold won from the blood of dead Iraquis to devote to a cause of the creation of lies for the slavery of all Chinese.


The Chinese who assist in these efforts are Hanjian.

These LIE creators, these running dogs that manufacture LIES, who every day distort FACTS and TRUTH to make it how they need it to be to feed a frenzy of anti-China USA Congress and to feed the public of the USA with the reasons to look down on China at least and to hate her at most and in the end, the destruction and slavery of all Chinese as the main target, the main aim and the main agenda.

You need only look at the way these western foreign running dogs of war, gather together to support the view of each other that is anti-China, anti- Chinese, and designed for the slavery of the Chinese under the rule of the white western imperial forces.

Yes, that is what I said, under the rule of white western imperial forces.

It was true in 1863, it was true in 1936 and 1937 it was true in 1949 and it was true in 1954, it was true in 1989 and it is true now in 2004.

These LIE creators stood by and did nothing in 1937 as Chinese were murdered and tortured and raped and they will stand by and do nothing this time as they are the manufacturers of the false image the image of lies created to limit China and to harm and to in the end, make China the slave of the west and all the Chinese people forever lost.

Some of what they say:

" We love the Chinese, just change your Government and your Society and disband your army and rockets while you are at it. "

" We love the Chinese, forget the Island, it is not yours "

" We love the Chinese forget the Japanese Torture "

What is the translation, the translation is, forget that you are Chinese, be our slaves and obey us while we destroy what is left of China.


The Chinese who assist in these efforts are Hanjian.

You can not love, just one section or part or area or people in China, you must love all of China and all her people, for she must be the one China.

You can not love the Chinese and hate her Government who has done so much for her and her polulation.

You can not love the Chinese and deny her her territory and her apology for crimes against her people.

You must love a whole and complete China.

Only Patriots are fit for Government in China and only Patriots have the decency to feel for and to work for their fellow Chinese as a whole as a majority.

The writers of lies and distorters of facts in the USA think tanks have no morals, they have loyalty only to distortions and to the creation of lies to support the distortions to feed the American public with dis-information about China and to feed the frenzy of hate that is the USA anti-China Congress.

Treachery is a crime in the USA, a criminal act, with a punishment to fit the terrible crime.

Treachery is a crime in China, a criminal act, with a punishment to fit the terrible crime.

The USA is a manufacturer of treachery in other places.

Shame on you USA.

Shame on the USA writers who frame your lies.

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true patriot: chairman-type hardliners or this man?

i think this man is a chinese patriot who saved the lives of many thousands of chinese.  [added later: by the way, i am not posting this to condemn the sars cover-up, but to show that this jiang guy is a brave man and a patriot.]

"A graduate of Beijing's Yenching University, Jiang joined the People's Lib eration Army in 1954. He is a former director of the surgery department of Hospital No 301 and a famous surgeon of the nation."



SARS Whistle-blower Breathing Sigh of Relief
China Daily News
May 21, 2003

The first doctor to blow the whistle on the mis-reporting of SARS endemic in China, especially in the capital city of Beijing, said on Tuesday that he had "breathed a sigh of relief'' after the number of new cases of the flu-like infection had dropped. However, Jiang cautioned about complacence.

Professor Jiang Yany-ng, 72, a retired physician at the People's Lib ration Army General Hospital (Hospital No 301 in Beijing) accepted interviews in Beijing on Monday. Jiang said: "Obviously, the prevention and control measures (adopted by the government) have brought about marked progress in the fight against the epidemic. And, I am relieved now.''

Meanwhile, Ji Lin, deputy director of the Beijing municipal leading group on SARS prevention and control, told a press conference in Beijing on Tuesday that Jiang has not been put under any pressure or restrictions.

Jiang has been in the spotlight since early April, when he publicly debated the claim by then Health Minister Zhang Wenkang who said on April 3 that Beijing had only 12 SARS cases and 3 deaths. Jiang said Zhang's information was inaccurate and misleading.

In letters sent to two major television stations in Beijing and Ho ng Ko ng, and then to Time magazine, Professor Jiang said, according to his knowledge, at least 6 people had died of SARS and 60 others had been infected at Beijing's Hospital No 309 alone as of April 3. Hospital 309 is also a clinic run by the P LA that treats patients suffering from infectious diseases.

Zhang Wenkang was fired as China's health minister on April 20, together with Beijing Mayor Meng Xuenong.

Referring to his speaking out, Professor Jiang said: "I believe what I did as a doctor has played a certain role in combating the epidemic.''

But the 72-year-old doctor cautioned that it is still too early to be optimistic about the drive against the virus.

"I'm not an anti-SARS professional but, judging from the scenario and experience in Hon g Ko ng, I think it still takes time to resolve the problem completely,'' Jiang said.

Jiang said phone calls and e-mails have flooded in from journalists and newspaper readers since early April but his life has not changed otherwise.

His everyday activities involve reading books and surfing the Internet, he said.

"Every Monday, I do the rounds of the wards in Hospital No 301 and I will operate on a patient this Thursday,'' the doctor said. As an expert, the hospital has provided him a car.

A graduate of Beijing's Yenching University, Jiang joined the People's Lib eration Army in 1954. He is a former director of the surgery department of Hospital No 301 and a famous surgeon of the nation. (China Daily News)

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lies are what harms china

yes, i agree.  the longer the lies go on, the more china will suffer.  

but ... the lies are not coming from me.  they are coming from chairman-type hardliners who would rather see innocent people imprisoned than face reality.


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*** warning to all chinese nationals! ***

"The Chinese who assist in these efforts are Hanjian." ~ chairman

this includes moderators who leave "anti-china" posts up.  also includes chinese nationals who warn their government against impending disasters, such as the sars cover-up.  also includes chinese who have political ideologies different than that of chairman.  includes islanders who do not want to submit to an oppressive government.  includes hkong people who demand the "significant degree of autonomy" promised them in 1997.


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Don't worry Tsupasat...

Nobody likes to be lied to forever. The people can only listen to rhetoric for so long in the face of inequity.
Patriotic can be displayed in many ways. I think the people that expose grand schemes and lies are true patriots(in any country). This enables direct confrontation of the problem.

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Treachery is a crime in the USA and in China.

Treachery against the Chinese and the Chinese Government by persons armed with manufactured lies written by USA Government Agency Think Tanks is a serious crime.

With a serious penalty.

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I know China can do little to stop the tide of lies from these Washington writer

But those subversive elements present on Chinese soil, should at least be warned that TREACHERY has no distinction of COLOR or RACE.

TREASON is a wicked and evil crime and the westerners who assist in TREASON against CHINA, on CHINESE soil, should be warned once and then arrested.

Deportation being the minimum punishment for the crime.

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