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Please, the limited thinking and lack of color of the extreme bias. [Copy link] 中文

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I have gone and read again, many posts from LGK and chairman and many posts from wchao37 and arksi, the " GAP " that was once evident in some of these posts is no longer the case.

These posters are closer today than they ever were before, that is why I was happy and felt safe to call for 100 x LGK, because as I say, the thought of all those posters is not as far apart as it once was.

Maybe they even need to all combine together for China and rectify this terrible lean of the western foreigners of limited worth that bash China every single day with no let up.

It can be seen and is documented that I swung behind LGK several months ago when I first saw the anti China rear its ugly head.

I did so with no hesitation and with a clean and pure heart, because the posts of LGK were not that far away from the posts of the other China writers, and I felt even guilty at having given LGK a rough time prior to that.

I write truth, truth from facts, this Forum needs to return to the status that it was and had from 8/2003 to 4/2003 and it needs to do this at the earliest possible point in time.


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I have written that tsupasat is the exception in the anti China western foreigners in that he is obviously a Government Agent designated to cause as much trouble for China as possible, who I point out has been allowed to write post after post of anti China Government propaganda.

That takes " GUTS " for the CD to allow it to print and the CD moderators in my opinion should never have allowed 10% of what tsupasat wrote to ever post. ( but they did, so that is that )

But he is in the USA not in China and his opinions are based on politics not on personalty and people, so he is the exception.

The other Americans based on USA soil are various, some pro and some anti, it is the western foreigners that are based on Chinese soil that the greatest insults are derived from.

There are several different species in this forum from the anit China force, the Political such as tsupasat, the lunatic fringe that wish to attack and invade China ( I will not list them they are known ) and then last but most are the western foreigner English school teachers who use their positions to not only try and attempt to sway the Chinese youth to follow the lost leader of the west, but use Chinese funds and Chinese time, to atack and insult Chinese in this Forum.


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chairman says, "oops"

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Nineth an Tenth

And thou shalt not desire his wife, his girl friends,his concubines ,his camel, his goat,his dog ,his hog, his mice, his lice or any other parasites of him.
Ouch!,..... Torqemada , I felt this kick straight in my ass for depravating you of your host rights. Yeah, that was not much gentleman of me to forget I'm a guest here. You are right, but next time take off the high heels for God's sake, you could have done a terrible mess down there.
You are not a part of CD staff - at least as how I see it. Wait a second, I'll take a glass of some good buzz........I'll be back.

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Earlier above, I reference that a page should be devoted to the translation from other Chinese Forums of what is writen by the pro Chinese writers.

A page that translates what is written about what you westerners do in Chinese and have it translated back into this English forum.

To think there is but one chairman or wchao37 is insanity, there are thousands of them, but they lack the English skills to tell you what you are and why you are those things.

They lack the English skills to translate their thoughts of you and what you do into English.

I assure you, that far worse is written in Chinese than what chairman ever wrote and I agree with it.

It should be printed here.

And as I also said, you western foreign English school teachers of limited valuie and worth to any society, let alone Chinese society should have your own page, where you can insult Chinese in Pyjamas and invade China all in your own mind in your own thread.

Then you can see just how dumb all of you are as you are focused all in the one place.

Page one - Translation of Chinese Forums and what they think of you.
Page two - The western foreigner English school teacher page.

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Number 8

When these bash China forces led by the head moron took control of all opinion just prior to April, ( I came on 16th of April ) it was clear to any blind man that the opinion was bash China at all costs, give her no rest.

Of course I am not CD staff ( what a dumb idea and typical of the limited thinkers) as previously stated 7 fellows have been deleted for one reason or other.

Nice American such as tpj and wayves are even limited in what they can write as the conversations range from Pyjamas to invasions.

No, the full fault rests with the violent lies and the twisted facts spewed out by the western foreigners present inside China and using Chinese goodwill and Chinese money to attack China in her own land on her own soil in her own forum on her own time with her own money.



But it at least shows them to be what they are, guests who " SPIT " on their host and in some cases " SPIT " in the faces of their hosts.

This is what these foreigners " ARE " and always " WILL BE ".

It is the nature of the evil beast that they are and the evil society they represent, where they have no worth so they are sent here.



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Hey J&J HaHaHa.."I came on 16th of April" Man I think you are actually starting

It says in your bio that you're in the
It's gettin difficult to remember which alias you're writing under isn't it...
BTW this is not your thread it is a public thread which means I am free to comment on you, Wendy, or anyone else.
Who's tryin' to play Lord here...HAHAHAHA...knucklehead!
It's my ball..WAHWAHWAH...give it back...It's mine!
Man you make it just too easy to make a fool out of  you...It writes

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