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Please, the limited thinking and lack of color of the extreme bias. [Copy link] 中文

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I have some good jokes here dobridan, but I fear to print them.

By the way, I see in another thread, you and Magic
( Magic was write and you were wrong ).

I wonder of late, how many times you must be wrong before you decide to make an adjustment.


How about I invite you to China as my guest and show you why Magic was correct and you were wrong.

You buy the plane ticket, everything else, you can be the guest of China.

Then we send you back and get much better posts from you.


What say ye Dobridan.


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To the underling, who uses pathetic in nearly every post.

As I said, a translated version of the pro-Chinese forums and a muzzle removal as a " NO DELETE CLAUSE " on chairman.

A page for western low level English school teachers.

That should do it.

You have posted more in this thread than you have for a week.

Why read it, why post in it.

Silly baby devil.

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Still waiting!
PS I notice the views going up and up. So now you're sitting there hitting the refresh button, as if to show alot of people are reading

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I just read a nice post from tpj about trains

A few posts down the comparison is made to Nigeria.

Where do they get these people that write this stuff.

The baby devil is nothing compared to the larger ones.


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ahhhhhhh, well so sorry to inform your limited thought process.

But 2 posts in one thread for 1500 plus hits is the record held by your master hedan.

1500 for 2 posts in one thread.

And it was 900 for 1 post.


Little boy, grow some manhood of some kind and maybe you can mix it at a lower level with some of the more dim.

Your one line or two lines are very limited and your minor disability is very noticeable.

Yes, 1500 for 2 posts, I love it.

Even the calimero chairman post has 9000 or 9500 for 250 hits.

Not 1500 for 2 posts.



Give it a rest.

Capitan if she were here would tell you who the next record holder is.

A female ( not for me to give names ) who clocked 4,200 in 2 hours at
3-4 in the morning.

So, baby devil tramp, give your vermin fingers a rest.

I am good to read, simple as that.

You are a bore.

I add color.

You add nothing.

Figure it out yourself.

Silly kid.

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Pity that chairman can't read some posts and join. There was something about jews and palestinians in Free talk/free talk and in another thread ( I forgot where).
The thing that pisses me and many jews off is this false ,idiotic muzzles making people got elefanrt ears whenever they hear the word "Jew".
They are becoming so fkg "politically correst" that and average smart Jew wants to puke on this. Well leave it....Yes , if chairmam were a jew ,it would be interesting to exchange some comments , flowers or war heads over the cable.
I like you for for you said " I do not need to read it" - this is very correct.
Some week ago somebody wrote to me on the forum " I don't want to hear your crap , Dobridan".
I fully agreed with him that it was crap , like most of what I write, but his whining blown my fuse. So he got an advise of what to do with the horse ass.

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Further to that very stupid post from the baby devil

It is nearly 6.00 am in China and there is no activity much in any thread except this one, it is no surprise that it goes up at least 40 from me, maybe 60 from you and dobridan and the rest are foreigners wanting to tell me where to go and waiting for the best slot to do just that.

Or maybe they keep reading the Jewish jokes of dobridan.

No mouse, 250 for 35 posts is a small number compared to your master at 1500 for 2 posts and some woman with 4,500 in two hours.

Get another lie to ride on the back of.


Silly lunatic.

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