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Please, the limited thinking and lack of color of the extreme bias. [Copy link] 中文

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So, I see it as " FILTH " and the drug of " DESTRUCTION ".

So I am very angry when I see it.

But as well as that, as I said, they are not too bright anyway, we all know that, they have a low level limited input and their opinion is not even worth notes on future use toilet paper.

Their place in society ( even in white western society ) is of the very lowest level, so why should their limited ability be of any surprise to anyone anywhere, even China.

They decide nothing, the world is " DRIVEN " by higher thought, by higher thinkers, China too is driven by higher thought by brilliant thinkers and by dreams that must and will be a reality and no limitation will be thrust upon China and no destruction of China will be allowed.

As for the lies of invasion and bombs against China, that is the Hollywood fantasy being forced into the western brains.

But after all, those idiotic thoughts can only be forced into a limited brain, an expansive brain will reject such lunacy.

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Still waiting for you to defend your claims.

Nope! More drivel.
Man, you prove over and over again that your thinking ability is

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I should not go down several rungs to answer inferiors, however, this once.

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You put a man in too(oh and yeah you put a man on the moon...uh well too)
You've got white too (witness all the parasols and skin whitening products)
You've got Greek and Roman too(take a look at one of the local high end communities/gardens)
You've got big too(nonstop informercials for breast enlargement creams and pills)
You wear too(take a look around...well it's fake but it looks like Burberry)
You drive a Benz or a too
You eat fast too(Mickey D.s, KFC et al)
You drink too(Starbucks)
You like to overpay for too(7-11)
You drink sugar too(Coke and Pepsi)
You watch the too
You love Finding too
You love Michael too(Well we don't anymore but they'll catch on)
You love plastic surgery...Me too
You divorce your wives and husbands...Me too
You know I could go on...and I know you're thinkin' too!

What's the common denominator here...
China loves White Western products and values...

Please don't tell poor Inquisition or Teamsters or Judge and Jury or Chineseyang or POTUS or Blackie Hongtea or whatever you do please don't wake up the Chairman(I shudder and shake to think what would happen to me)

It's time for China to find its own place and culture.
Quit being a ME TOO country and develop your own way.

2004-06-22 00:44

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Now back to the topic.

Limited low level society members trying to at least interfere with the correct running of Chinese China and at most to angle for the destruction of Chinese China.

Nasty little inferior limited persons who see themselves as fully functional sections of humanity.

How sad.

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I do not agree with your definition

Bright mind = big bucks earned

An old Jew was sitting on the edge of a cliff at the sea shore, contemplating his life.
A young fella came and asked
- Why are you sitting here ,doing nothing? You can buy a rod and catch fish insead.
-What for? - Moshe answered.
- Well , if you catch enough fish ,you can buy next 3 rods and catch 4 times more fish at the same time.
-And what then?
-then you continue for a short time and you can buy a boat. Much more fish you will be able to have.
- what will I do with so much fish?
-you can buy biggere boat , take a guy or two for help and your harvest will increase much.
- what will i do later with such huge boat?
-you can later change it for a trawler, then mwhole fleet of trawlers, hire crews and they will work for you. Then you do not need to do anything.

Moshe answered - So what a fk do you think I'm doing right now?

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Bright mind = big bucks earned by Dobridan

Ho Ho Ho, yes funny, so was the other one you told in another thread.

By the way, they say chairman is from Israel.


You can surely see the funny side to all of it can't you.


This Israeli weapons engineer moves from the USA to China becomes Chinese and then has to read Pyjamas and Invasions of China in the same thread.

Please he must say.


Blowing up Arabs or blowing up Americans, must be all the same to him.

I am laughing, so hard, some of the stuff in here blows what is left of the mind after having read it.

Mind you, I do have the option to not read it.


But I choose to read it, to re-enforce the factual notion, that there are idiots in this world that have no yet reached their peak of lunacy.


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So how does this back up your claims?

Where is the  "lies and filth that you pander ? and "drugs of filth " and  "Massive altertation and massive change" in this post?
This was an obvious response to your "White Westerner" threads and drivel. I wanted to get under your skin by pointing out the obvious. I guess I succeeded.
One of the first things I noticed here was all the Western art and white faces in advertising. I think China should be proud of its art, culture and people. Instead of aping Western culture let's see more Chinese culture.
Man you are a limited thinker.
I am pro-China. To be pro-China doesn't mean yelling hostilities at foreigners.
To question is to find solutions. To better ones environment and place in life.
Everyday I contribute to a better China.
And you? You're in the UK!
You give China a bad name.
If the average Chinese knew what you were up to...Well let's just say they wouldn't be happy.
China is a lot better off with you on the other side of the world. Good riddance!
Did you read this post?
I ended this way
"It's time for China to find its own place and culture.
Quit being a ME TOO country and develop your own way."
How does this back up your claims?
You then label your next post "Now back to the topic" As if to say "Well I handled that" Duh!

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