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Please, the limited thinking and lack of color of the extreme bias. [Copy link] 中文

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Remember baby devil. chairman is not an enemy of China,

chairman is " YOUR " enemy, take great care what you wish for.

If I am chairman as you often say, and I assure you, chairman is far far worse than me.

If you can not handle me, how in the hell will you handle him.


Me thinks you wish with both fingers crossed, typical of the west and her treachery.

In the end, treachery is the answer to 90 % of the very dumb questions you ask in this forum.

All you do is ask questions, you have no idea of your own.

Of all the limited thinkers, yours is the most limited.

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Here's a good idea for you!

Back up your claim that I have posted "lies and filth that you pander  and "drugs of filth "
C'mon it should be easy. You are fond of cutting and pasting the posts of others.
Let's see it.
If you don't, you once again prove my point.
The ball is in your court.
PS Perhaps you have not heard of Socrates and the Socratic method. Much can be learned by asking questions.
PPS You will have handled me when you back up your claims til then, well it's obvious for all to see.

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How white of you.

Try again, what were you trying to say.

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Little devil, nasty limited white baby trash, do you think I need to do that.

You have already written much in the way of filth to China.

What is filth, filth is the proposal of change that destroys her or at the very least reduces her and her ability to be all she must be.

The drug of change, the drug of massive alteration for only her destructive end a crime in my opinion and not just mine, worthy of execution no matter where you are from.

Massive alteration and massive change, designed to limit China to be all she can and will be, all she must be.

This is a crime a crime against China and a crime against the Chinese.

If you do the crime, you should do the time.


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I was trying to say..

Welcome back Torqemada in the world confined to agreelings.

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When and where have I called for "Massive altertation and massive change"
Prove it!
All you do is parrot the same drivel over and over and over again.
You commit the worse offense any forumite can do.
You are boring!
You're obviously out of your league.
Give up before you look even worse than you already do.

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The world confined to agreelings, by dobridan.

Well I agree with none of it, from the Pyjama posts through to the invasion of China by the USA.

Be it Pyjamas or invasions of China, it is all very stupid and very dumb and most if not the great majority is writen by western English school teachers, who after all are not too bright when it is all said an done.

If they were bright, they would be in private enterprise earning the big bucks or at least employed by the USA government as a trouble maker like tsupasat for instance.

No, the Chinese they teach are much smarter than they who teach them english, much smarter.

The Chinese will go on to create and realise dreams and make the world a better place, make the world greater.

They are destined for higher callings, not the limited activity of these bland and boring lower level human stock.

But I can probably not write that either.

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