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Please, the limited thinking and lack of color of the extreme bias. [Copy link] 中文

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You can see just how bad the problem is.

When I call for 100 times LGK to replace that small group.

100  x LGK
1 x wchoa37
1 x chairman
1 x tpj
1 x arksi

and maybe a few canchins would even the playing field.

Reading some of the anti China stuff and the China on hate on here is like watching the same 10 second Monty Python film clip, over and over and over again.

It is a real bore.

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Hypocrisy from the baby of the limited bland colorless small group.

chairman has much more color than myself and so does LGK and Arksi and tpj and wchao37, I can never offer the wide variety that they can offer.

But chairman would be deleted 5 seconds after he called you vermin and scum and said you were the baby scum of all things foul in this world.

Maybe 2 seconds after chairman said you were an evil little baby white devil of nothing he would be deleted.

No, let that be 1 second after chairman called for immediate your  execution for the lies and filth that you pander are far worse than any drug runner.

Oh well, I guess for that reason we will never see the likes of chairman again will we.

Unless of course you white trash have the guts to let him back on with a
" NO DELETE CLAUSE " to call you what you really are.

Unfortunately, I can not, so I must be reasonably quiet.

Is that not the way it is, ye gutless wonder from the western world.

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Hypocrisy from the baby of the limited bland colorless small group. Part two.

You see little white western person, you want to be able to lord your drugs of filth from the west over the Chinese but you will not and are too gutless to take your medicine from chairman as one example or even from wchao as yet another example.

As I said, I too would be deleted if I wrote what chairman would write to you, but the foul stench of your baby mouth lies needs a strong response a response of strength, that if you could read what is written in Chinese in the pro-national-Chinese forums would translate to read the same.

You are what you are, and there is a muzzle on calling you what you are.

How sad.

Narcotic drugs are not very different to the destructive power that the filth you sell from the west has to destroy Chinese lives.

People such as you who have a desire or a bent to destroy Chinese lives should be exterminated, as simple as that.

But I can not write that, but trust me it is written in Chinese in many pro-China posts, all chairman did was write the English version.

chairman wrote what the Chinese write in Chinese in English.

If you did not like the English version, you sure as hell would not like the Chinese version.

Would you.

I wish I could write what chairman would write, but alas, can not.

So sad.

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Man you really are something else

You hide behind more personalities than Sybil. You can't debate so you resort to name calling, "scum" "vermin" "evil little baby white devil " and "immediate your execution " lol
Where's the muzzle? You just called me these names...This whole muzzle talk is getting tired, stale and boring.
I know you won't be able to do this cause I have asked you before.(but I'll give you yet again another chance)
BACK UP YOUR me and everyone else...where is the "lies and filth that you pander ? and "drugs of filth "
Where? C'mon for once be a man not a child..
don't just jump up and down and scream and yell and call names...
Back it up! Prove that you are of even limited intelligence.
I dare you!
No I double dare you! lol
PS MODS please give this gentleman a " NO DELETE CLAUSE " lol

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Now there is a brilliant idea in the making. That would prove much.

A translated other Chinese Forums page.

A page just for the translated text of the bulk of the messages from the pro Chinese Forums, you would soon see that chairman and wchao37 are very filtered versions of the reality of truth.

Then you would see that the bulk of Chinese writen opinion is against the destruction of China and Chinese lives that you propose.

You read only English and therefore think the opinion is limited to 2 or 3 people, how very wrong you are little western boy.

So wrong.

No Chinese would like or take kindly to the destruction of his country as you not only propose, but activily participate in.

That is why many of us use the word NEVER.

Lets have that translated national Chinese forum page.

Lets see what the majority think you are.

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That is a good idea, who thought of that idea.

A " NO DELETE CLAUSE " for chairman


A Chinese Forums page, translated to English.

Then we will see the baby white trash can say what.

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J&J ,now that was BS

BS,BS,BS,BS, after that bull has eaten whole grass of the mountain meadow.
Or you were out and not yet seen what was going on and how many threads were born about the same subject :mods and censorship.
Westerners and westerners can do as much sht about it as for who will be after Hu.
Kiss ass
jerk off
drink the brain out
write to Mr God and include the stamp for the back answer.
Go to TAM and flash , showing your tattoos like Da Zhi Bao.
Do you have better ideas?
There is no calls for banishment or resurections, it is pure survival and some efforts to push the walls of car junker further apart.
This is something for which you stand on the same side, you like it or not. To get colours and life, to avoid gleischlaht and boredom, to say freely Dobridan is a fucking prick - if needed.
But ,you know, it is difficult to make rain fall upward.

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