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Please, the limited thinking and lack of color of the extreme bias. [Copy link] 中文

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You are welcome,Magic.. join our play with our *****.
Please bring your own ****, or if you do not have I'll let you play with mine
:--)      8-----------------

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self censored

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Any fight you limited foreign life forms have is with " me " and this thread, I wrote the post. ( not magic ).

Your fight is with " me ", keep it with me and stop trying to drag in others who are innocent bystanders and readers.

You only verify my thoughts with the attacks on magic and the CD.

I assure you, the CD has nothing to do with what I write, never has and never will, these are my thoughts and my opinions.

You great western promoters of truth justice and freedom of speach are here there and everywhere trying to have my speach cut off, what does that make you, yes it does and you always will be.

( I have seen 7 friends deleted by the CD for whatever reasons )

While at the same time the CD and the moderators have been more than generous to the foreigners in leaving them up to post more and more of their anti China slander.

( for you guys to complain about the CD or the moderators, is mind blowing as you have multiple personalities and the steady anti China posts that include everrything from Pyjamas to invasions of China )

The head lower life form hedan, is probably responsible for several of the other inferior forms of life.

See his 1500 hit, 5 people inside post for positive proof of the criminal type intent that a western foreign English school teacher will stoop to in order to get their anti China opinions in the Forum.


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The CD now under attack from the anti China western foreigners of limited ability, was kind enough to even allow one foreigner to post an entire thread with his baby pictures.

Now even though, there were probably 100,000 Chinese babys born that day he had special treatment and still he complains.

You have to ask yourself, what these people really want.

What they want is freedom for themselves at the expense of the greater part of China and at the expense of the Chinese themselves.

One of them mentioned being a " LORD " in China due to his being white and being a resident with some Chinese language skills.

That pretty much hits the nail on the head for limited thinking.

Mini Kings, due to ( in their opinion ) their whiteness and there westerness ( in their opinion ), they confuse down right good well mannered Chinese respect for others, as being something of another nature.


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So the proof is very evident that the CD and the CD moderators have given the western foreigners ( no matter their intelligence is limited ) a very good run, a very good run, where these westerners have been able to write all kinds of very biased stuff ( very biased stuff ).

These western foreigners have been bashing China for at least 2 months straight with no let up.

Read even a small portion of what these people write, the bashing is constant, it now even extends to the CD and the moderators , who as I have already pointed out, have given you a very fair run and a more than fair chance to prove your goodwill ( which I always claimed was not there ).

( including deleting your competitors to allow you a more free hand )


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The Forum, has by forces known only to those concerned, limited the pro-Chinese forces, be they LGK or chairman or wchao37 or tpj or arksi or many others that I can name, but do not, for fear of making them extra targets for you the western foreigners of limited worth.

I assure you, the opinions of those above have not changed nor have they been modified, they simply as I pointed out, do not have the foils to reply and respond to the issues that they feel are important.

China Change, may or may not be required and at what level may or may not need to be seen to be done.

But what you life forms speak, is of destruction of China and her way of life and her way of thought, for her to cease to be Chinese and to become an empty entity under your western control.

This can and will never be the case.

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don't begrude the moderators for allowing this thread

look at it this way ... when you saw the title for this thread, something about "limited thinking of foreigners," and who wrote it, why did you still continue to view and read the conversation?

it's just like someone going into a red-light district in some city, then saying they are offended at the nearly naked women standing around.  or someone who enters a tavern and complains about the coarse talk.

for myself, i am at least happy if chairman stays inside his little playpen threads and doesn't bother with the rest of us outside.  if i post here, i expect to get flamed.  

the moderators already showed they will not tolerate chairman's excesses outside his "playpen" threads.  for example, inquisition was banned after he went whacko in several other people's threads in the free talk section.  

even though chairman hates me with the deepest type of hatred a person can possibly have, i still kind of like him cause he doesn't try to pass himself off as something he isn't.  he's honest enough to tell me he wants to punch me, for example.  and he isn't really vulgar, either.  i've been called all kinds of weird names by him, but no four-letter words yet.  and he hasn't said anything about my family ... so we're peachy, as far as i'm concerned.

i think you guys should understand the moderators can ban chairman, but they can't ban all his ghosts.  just like they could ban me, but they don't cause they know i'd just create another account.  better allow the child to play in his playpen happily.


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