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Please, the limited thinking and lack of color of the extreme bias. [Copy link] 中文

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With the main guys gone or at least very quiet ( including but not limited to LGK, wchao37, arksi, chairman, tpj, and others ) we now have what I call the English School Teachers in China brigade.

You can not for one minute say that these limited thinkers of the west are the opinion of the majority of the west as they are in themselves, limited in their opinions and their thought process.

We now have 5 western limited thinkers who mostly are western school teachers located in China, who agree with each other and write the same things over and over again, the continued extension of the mindless limitation of which shows their limited ability..

The posts and the activity into those posts of the last three weeks stands as evidence that it is how I write that it is.

If it was the intention of the CD moderators to get a cross section of opinion from the west, it has not done so, except for the USA agent tsupasat, who is the exception, all the posts are from in the vast majority, resident English teachers in the China school system.

They should have their own page, similar to the Japan and Europe page.

They can then talk to themselves, write their lies to themselves and agree with each other about the lies as they now do.

Check the posts for the last three weeks to see what I say is true and fact.

Before April 2004, there was a " LARGE " Western and American opinion, you can scan for the missing Americans, there are many, it is not just chairman and wchao that are missing and it is not just lgk and arksi and even tpj that are quiet, there foils have been removed and vice versa and so the content has drastically reduced.

A SINO-ENGLISH SCHOOL TEACHERS IN CHINA page is in order and let them agree with the lies of each other there and let this section of the forum return to how it was, vibrant and active with a total cross section of opinion.

The way it is now, could not and can not be what the CD moderators desired or wanted for their forum.

It is after all, now a Forum of English Teachers, for English Teachers, by English Teachers and the theme is one sided, bent, twisted, limited and lacks any color or ability or effort to attract others.

I call a spade a spade and the activity in my posts is evident that people want color and flavor, not the bland repetative lies and limited thinking and ability of these of these English School Teachers.

I say and write again, it is not just wchao37 and chairman that are missing, and it is not just LGK and Arksi and even TPJ that are queit, there are a large number of western writers and Chinese writers that are missing from POST April 2004 and even more in the last 3 weeks.

There is " NOT " a cross section of opinion, there is no color and there is no substance, in the effort of the CD moderators to make an even playing field, it has done just the opposite, which is a field heavily leaning to the
" BIAS " and " LIES " of a limited group of a very small number for their own limited thinking agendas.

I have sat here silent for days on end to prove the case.

It is proven.

In my opinion, the forum, news talk section has an " EXTREME BIAS " against the best interest of China, has an " EXTREME BIAS " to the limited and racist thinking of a small group of western English School Teahers, who not only lack ability and color and substance, they lack moral high ground and they promote the lies of each other.

Check your records CD moderators for " CONTENT and ACTIVITY " in the News Talk section, there may be many of us who did not agree with the opinions of LGK but at least he wrote something to not agree with and many do not agree with chairman or wchao37 bit at least they wrote something to not be agreed with.

I would prefer 100 times LGK to the 5 western biased limited thinkers.

You know what you have to do, the ball is in your court.

Otherwise, you will have lost a great forum and a great ability to promote the TRUE thoughts of China.

Sometimes the truth hurts.

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What these limited thinkers with lack of color and bland lies give us is equal t

Boiled Rice
Bolied Rice
Boiled Rice
Boiled Rice
Boiled Rice
Bolied Rice
Boiled Rice
Boiled Rice
Boiled Rice
Bolied Rice
Boiled Rice
Boiled Rice

We need more in our " DIET " of opinion.

We need flavor and spice.

Not the extreme biased ranted lies of a very small, very limited group.

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It may be a surpise to some of you, but visitors to China

DO not want just Boiled Rice.
They want more than boiled rice.
They want Hot and Spicy, they want Sweet and Sour.
They want herbs and tints of exotic flavor.
They want boiled, they want steamed, they want fried.
They want leaves and they want hot oiled wok fried.
They want more than BOILED RICE.

And so does this Forum.

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Welcome back J&J

Where a hell were you gone , bitch? I was missing some colours and vigour. It is YOU whom to blame for marasm and coma of the forum.
You won't avoid this responsibility , no way!!
I can understand busy days, travel ,festing or two days hangover , but this was too long. Do not tell me you were studying 3 weeks of comments and making statistics.
I'm in very good mood at the moment. But this thing I must tell you - the bashing is flat and and tastes like a week old Big Mac pushed for the third time into the microwave.
You are loosing viciousness and this kind of spice.
For such long break , sorry, you did not score high with this homework. We need something good , sharp like a razor, brilliant, a solid kick , not this stemp - like post.
It is hardly of ambient temperature, not even luke warm. THIS MUST GET BOILING AND SPARKING!
Move your lazy ass and do something right!

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China should do this and China should not do that and China should change this.

The limited opinion consists of:

China is full of Chinese ( ? )
China is corrupt ( ? )
China will forever be limited to and or behind the USA and the West ( ? )
Chine needs to fix this and China needs to fix that ( ? )
China is stupid to do this and stupid to do that ( ? )
China must "THINK" this and must "AGREE" with that ( ? )
China can be attacked and taken over by the west at any time ( ? )
China should say what the west tells her to say ( ? )

And on and on and on, it never stops.

And the WHY'S.

Why is China that way.
Why is China this way.
Why was China that way.
Wny is China not yet our way as we say.

And on and on and on, it never stops.

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ahhhh, one of my favourite foreigners, dobridan.


It is a terrible thing to have to sit and see China get bashed by a small limited group of nothings and not be able to defend China in the manner that the westerners understand.

The westerners do like to confront, but when confronted they do not like it at all and cry foul.

Then again my guess is that the " FOUL cry FOUL ".

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well chairman...or whatever your name is...glad to see that your back...and nothing has changed...still the same limited thinking..still the same broken record...
you "say" that you want to see more than " than boiled rice" somethin' "hot and spicy' and "sweet and sour" blah blah blah
By your own admission you have "sat here silent for days on end to prove the case"
Yet your first post is the same as all the posts you have been writing for the last while. Where I come from we call that hypocrisy.
There is alot going on in the world...Iraq, EU refusing China market status, Euro 2004,the 5 principles, on and on.. and you post your same brand of drivel.
Where's the" flavor and spice"?
You had the chance to post something of significance and you didn't.
Thanks for proving my point once again. You're a one trick pony. Welcome back!

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