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many crow about democracy - let's see what it really means [Copy link] 中文

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Democracy is indeed the worse possible political system...

Originally posted by Zhenxiang at 2009-2-22 07:15
If democracy is the worst political system on Earth, then how come the majority of countries in the world are democratic?

The only problem is, there are no better ones...

I'll wade into this discussion when I have some more time, but carry on.
Let the dice fly high

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Democracy my big fat se-fut

Democracy is just an illusion, just another way to keep Korrupt politicians in power as far as it goes in the U.K, the present Labour Party now (New Labour) is just what the Gang of Four wanted who formed the S.D.P and so split from the Labour party, non of the mainstream parties represent the working class anymore and any that do are infiltrated by goons working on behalf of the 3 main parties, if the people want equality and liberty it can only be obtained by force and not with the current charade in the guise of democracy, then maybe will will get a true account of where our taxes are going to and what filthy theiving hands it is passing thru. Anarcho-Communism is the true path to the freedom of the masses. it is time to destroy the machine.

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Originally posted by dragon1958 at 2009-4-11 09:09
Anarcho-Communism is the true path to the freedom of the masses. it is time to destroy the machine.

Swapping one set of politicians who you can kick out at election time, for another lot who you can't get rid of !
"他不是救星, 他是一个非常淘气男孩" - Monty Python

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human right

1democracy doesn't come along... you need to have freedom of expression and freedom to publish (otherwise you cannot be welll aware and informed of what choice to make).
2democracy came along with strong respect of human right... otherwise majority of people can decide to kill minority of people.
3democracy came along with criticize mind, morality,  and education that make citizen more mature and responsible (to make mature choice, accept to protect poor people or poeple facing difficulty).

If you start to lose one those points then your democratic system will somehow be has good as chinese government or even worse.
I belivev USA failed on the point 3 mainly : result in BUSH election, then point 1 (liying to go on war to iraq)  point 2 regarding other country (resulting in torturing innocent people).

SO, to have a good democratic country, is hard to achieve and hard to maintain.
But if you have democracy, point 1, 2, 3 then it should already much better.

Still if you are not aware of that because your government make you think otherwise, and make you feel happy with what you have, it's good for you  ::: the stupid feel often more happy than those who knows.
example if you don't know it's not normal to not live more than 30, you will be very happy to live untill 40.
but those who know human can live untill 100 will feel bad to die at 40 only...

SO the best for chinese is either to fight for gaining democracy, like most of the country.
Or continue to believe their government is the best they can have, and accept that all the trouble they can get in life it just some bad luck not unavoidable.
anyway most of the chinese wo can access internet an read english are already on the good side of the economic growth, so it's more easy for them to think the governemnet is good.
anyway It's true the chinese governemnet is already better than before. Could it be much better.. we will never proove it, since there is no freedom of expression.

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