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many crow about democracy - let's see what it really means [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by opinionman at 2008-8-27 01:03
Why don't they dominate world economy? Why are they less known to people than countries like .....

SAAB, Scania, Ikea, Nokia, Ericsson, Bofors, the Nobel Prize, Hans Christiaan Andersson, ABBA, Ingmar Bergman

Who wants to dominate the world economy when you can have a perfectly reasonable life not offending anyone else?

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"他不是救星, 他是一个非常淘气男孩" - Monty Python

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Is democracy an option for China?

With one word: NO!

If you want your country run by money instead of social conscience, you vote for democracy.
If you want your hard earned savings being wiped out, you vote for democracy.
If want to live under the false impression of having a choice, you vote for democracy.
If you want to be enslaved by bankers for the rest of your life, you vote for democracy.

As one of the Rothschild Bankers once said: Give me control over a country’s money, and I don’t care who is in charge of the nation.

That is the kind of attitude you have to cope with when you vote for democracy, because only under a system like that bankers can build up their net of controls. They don’t care about people; they only care about money – your money and how to get it from you.

Their latest move to get a foothold into Chinas money system: The Bank of China buys a 20% stake in the Rothschild Bank in France and in return the Rothschild Bank is allowed to sell its “financial products” to the Chinese people.  

What kind of “financial products” they talking about? Well, it´s more or less the same crap they sold to the people in the West.  And now the US of A. is virtually bankrupt and most of the other Western countries are close to it. And who gets the bill presented? The people!

Their Ponzi Scheme is to privatize profit and to socialize losses. Since there is no more money to be sucked out of the Western people, they like to come to China to do the same to you! Don’t allow that to happen. They turn you into financial serfdom.

So, if you still think democracy is the way, go for it but don’t complain when you all have lost your financial and social freedom to bankers like Rothschild, Citibank, JPMorgan or Goldman Sachs etc.
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Nice story but a load of crap Democracy the enslavement of the middle class and poor while keeping the country in eternal debt to control its economic base through colonial policies while they milk the resource and redistribute the money to the wealthy The Rountable and foreign interest groups abroad nThe Privatsation program came in under Margaret Thatcher sell state owned asset reditribute to large foreign cartels and drag domestric revenues abroad, then the cartel would increase prices in the demostic enviroment dargging additional revenue from the people milking them dry. while the tax payer dollare where servicing the the countries Debt Now Thats your democracy Colonial BS and Nazi policies the very same policy the Bush has locke in with Iraq under a Treaty sucking the Oil dry Now Thats your democracy BS War for profits, murder, Terrorism,CIA Now thats your Democracy. Need I say more not mention dumping virus all over the world BS.

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Democracy is comparably among the worst political systems on earth. Westerners are brainwashed systematically since pre-elementary Sunday schools.

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Timbatu, you should stop telling people bull----s about the West as if they knew nothing about it. A lot of Chinese have been aboard, and you insult them by making foreigners believe you are ignorant about the truth. Why a system who gives people a voice would be among the worst? Because if you say it's fine, you cannot take pride of CHina and you would have to admit that Chinese have choice?
If democratic system is among the worst, why China has the biggest emigration rate on earth with more than 45 millions people who live outside mainland...? Brainwashed? Have you heard the songs learned by kids in China at school? Just nationalist craps... I did never stand in front of my country's flag, and I have been teached humanist values... that's why I cannot let you tell stupidities about CHina and the West, because I am worried about the real chinese who suffer.

Also, the craps about money makes me laugh. Average annual income in chinese cities is less than 24 000 Y... how can you dream and make plans in this case? How do you feel when you see some people driving luxury cars while you spend your life working like a slave for nothing? Don't expect me to support your model...keep it for yourself.... haaa....You live aboard... Overseas Chinese are really phags...It's easy to defend a weak system when you don't have to face it yourself.

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All power to the Soviets!

“Drive nature out of the door and she will rush back through the window.” It seems that the Socialist-Revolutionary and Menshevik parties have to “learn” this simple truth time and again by their own experience. They under took to be "revolutionary democrats" and found themselves in the shoes of revolutionary democrats—they are now forced to draw the conclusions which every revolutionary democrat must draw.

Democracy is the rule of the majority. As long as the will of the majority was not clear, as long as it was possible to make it out to be unclear, at least with a grain of plausibility, the people were offered a counter-revolutionary bourgeois government disguised as "democratic." But this delay could not last long. During the several months that have passed since February 27 the will of the majority of the workers and peasants, of the overwhelming majority of the country’s population, has become clear in more than a general sense. Their will has found expression in mass organisations—the Soviet’s of Workers’, Soldiers’ and Peasants’ Deputies.

How, then, can anyone oppose the transfer of all power in the state to the Soviets? Such opposition means nothing but renouncing democracy! It means no more no less than imposing on the people a government which admittedly can neither come into being nor hold its ground democratically, i.e., as a result of truly free, truly popular elections.

It is a face, strange as it may seem at first sight, that the Socialist-Revolutionaries and Mensheviks have forgotten this perfectly simple, perfectly obvious and palpable truth.   Their position is so false, and they are so badly confused and bewildered, that they are unable to “recover” this truth they have lost. Following the elections in Petrograd and in Moscow, the convocation of the All-Russia Peasant Congress, and the Congress of Soviets, the classes and parties throughout Russia have shown what they stand for so clearly and specifically that people who have not gone mad or deliberately got themselves into a mess and simply cannot have any illusions on this score.

To tolerate the Cadet Ministers or the Cadet government or Cadet policies means challenging democrats and democracy. This is the source of the political crises since February 27, and this also the source of the shakiness and vacillation of our government system. At every turn, daily and even hourly, appeals are being made to the people’s revolutionary spirit and to their democracy on behalf of the most authoritative government institutions and congresses. Yet the government’s policies in particular, are all departures from revolutionary principles, and breaches in democracy.

This sort of thing will not do.

It is inevitable that a situation like the present should show elements of instability now for one reason, now for another. And it is not exactly a clever policy of jib. Things are moving by fits and starts towards a point where power will be transferred to the Soviets, which is what our Party called for long ago.

V. I.   Lenin
All Power to the Soviets!

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attributes of democracy
- gives vioce to people (are the voices just pure complaints or good suggestions?)
- embraces human nature (seriously, is human nature good or bad?)
- divides political power (weaken the executive power in a country and slow down change)
- the majority wins (media intervention? Oppress the minorities?)
- "free media" (biased media such as CNN????)
- increases competition (makes society dangerous and sour - everyone is your enemy)
- increase selfishness/individualism (majority wins, so the losers are absolutely wrong?)
- ruler type varies (from really smart rulers to dumb puppets)
- benefits private corporations (donates money to support election campaign....easy for them to bribe officials)
- the founding fathers of the US reject pure democracy and adds rules like the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to it (the rules are violated constantly...corruption?)

for those who live in the US, honestly, can you remember anything from the Bill of Rights, the Constitution from the top of your head??? (be honest and don't go researching!!!)

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