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In a foreiner's eyes,chinese airplane passengers are the worst [Copy link] 中文

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He said:"Flying in China is an experience because of the sheer numbers of people who fly, because of all the massive shiny new airports sprouting like mushrooms as China modernizes at an incredible rate and because of the behaviour of Chinese Passengers.

Passengers of all nationalities and cultures can be obnoxious with a plan ticket in their hands but so many Chinese passengers outdo everyone else with their lack of patience, short tempers, complete absence of decorum and utter disdain for rules and etiquette, and disrespect of everyone out side their immediate circle.

This may sound racist but it is not. I have an immense respect for Chinese people and their culture and personally abhor racism. Like every culture though, Chinese have their strengths and weaknesses. Flying tends brings out their weaknesses."

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How bad are they?There are many examples.

Massive Temper Tantrum – On the 6 of February 2013 a deputy chairman of a state owned mining company in Yunnan and county level communist party official Yan Linkun went ballistic at the Kunming Changshui airport. He arrived with his wife and children at the airport with plenty of time but spent too long eating breakfast so he missed his first flight. He was switched to a later flight but again missed the last call. After he unsuccessfully tried smooth talking and then threatening his way onto the flight, he flipped and threw a massive tantrum.

His wife and he shouted at the airport staff and he then kicked the boarding gate desk, destroyed two boarding gate computers and tried twice to break the glasses doors leading to the plane with a sign board. Security staff were present but did not stop with which is understandable. He was temporary suspended, forced to apologize and given a slap on the wrist.

Seatbelts and Phones – 14 of February on a KLM flight from Beijing to Amsterdam six Chinese first class passengers were late for boarding and once seated refused to fasten seatbelts or stop using their mobile phones when plane was ready to take off. They then became abusive to the flight attendants who asked them to stop using their phones and fasten their seatbelts . The captain of the flight refused to take off until the passengers were taken away by airport security.

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Beating Airport Employee – 20 February at Guangzhou International Airport a Melbourne bound China Southern flight was delayed and two Chinese passengers beat an airport employee to the ground.

Stealing Alcohol – 22 February on a Air France flight from Paris to Wuhan two drunk Chinese passengers stole between 7 and 16 bottles of wine from a drink cart. They became obnoxious when confronted with the theft and the pilot had to intervene. The two passengers also reportedly threatened a fellow Chinese passenger with death when she tried to dissuade them.

Aisle Toilet – Some time in February on a domestic flight a child defecated in the aisle of the plane then had their bottom wiped by one of their parents

Running to the Runway – In early 2012 roughly 20 angry Chinese passengers at Shanghai’s international airport left the terminal and ran across the tarmac towards the runway. They cam within 200 meters of an incoming plane from the United Arab Emirates and caused a 16 hour flight delay. Authorities are not sure why they ran onto the tarmac. Possibly to create a scene and increase their chances of compensation.

Pilot and Crew Assaulted and Restrained – In October 2012 a Jetstar flight from Melbourne to Beijing was diverted to Shanghai due to bad weather. The passengers were kept on the plane for a couple of hours with cabin crew keeping people calm and under control. After the passengers left the plane a group of Chinese passengers lynched the Captain and flight crew who where picking up their bags, assaulted the captain, forced captain and crew against a wall, physically restrained them and took their bags away. Airport officials and staff did nothing.

Bad Habits – As a general law passengers are meant to remain seated and leave their mobile phones turned off until the seat belt light goes off and they are given permission by cabin staff. People from all nationalities tend to bend this law by getting up, turning on phones etc etc once the plane stops or is slowly taxiing on the tarmac. Chinese passengers take this to an extreme by often making calls as soon as the wheels hit the ground and opening overhead lockers to grab luggage when the landing has barely finished.

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But I have to admit that these passengers are not this way because they are horrible people or have a complete disregard for every one they encounter while flying. The most foundamental reason is the airline industry – Over the last 10 to 20 years the Chinese airline industry has gone through the largest period of growth seen by any airline industry since the Wright brothers took to the skies. This explosive growth has come at a price with areas such as staff training and passenger management being neglected in favour of infrastructure, flight routes and planes.

Consequently Chinese passengers are have longer waits on planes and boarding gates than their counterparts around the world and the communication they receive is minimal or non existent.

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Chinese travellers are just farmers with money --- put them on a plane and they take their farming mentality and habits with them...its just on a plane.

I saw the video of the Govt official and his family kicking the boarding desk and thought it was sooo typical of the Chinese arrogance.

Chinese people simply don't follow laws or rules........and they couldn't give a toss if you told them what to do either.

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The Chinese way.... Be first to get in because there are never enough seats in the Plane. Be first to get out because the plane will explode and you be be trap.

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I have travelled through China using aircraft, never had a problem except for the rude arrogant Eurpoeans on the aircraft that think they are god almighty.

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