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Ghost-Jackal-Western-Chinese-Friendship Post and Gentlemans Club- Enter [Copy link] 中文

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calm down, chairman ...

this isn't good for your health.


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tsupasat, calling me chairman will change none of your LIES.

You are a LIAR. Pure and simple.

Deleting people only makes you a hypocrit as well as a LIAR.

The CCP built China.
China built the CCP

They are ONE.

You are wasting your breath but you cause trouble anger and even death.

It can never be how your puny insignificant American brain thinks it is.

It can NEVER BE.

No matter ho many are deleted for telling you what you are, you will still be what we say you are.

And when that is done, everything will be the same, because you can not REMOVE the FOUNDATION STONE.

Not you, not Wendy and not the Moderators.

China for the Chinese.

The CCP is China and China is the CCP.

End of story you fool tsupasat.

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inquisition has left the building.

Some people prefer to be Chinese.

Some people do not want to be Americans

Some people do not like the American way of life.

Some people prefer the Chinese way of life.

Live with it.


inquisition has left the building.

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goodbye, inquisition

i probably won't miss you, but just the same ...


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dont' be such a grouch


please remember that you are in the Gentlemens Club and are expected to behave like one.
If your gout is playing up, take your meds and come back in the morning in a better mood please.
sweet dreams

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WHOA !!!

did I miss something ? Take it outside gentlemen. What was that all about Inqy? uncalled for I'd say.

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Hello, Inquisition, time passes and the situation has changed! Take it easy.

On the eve of Deng passing opening-up and reform policy, there must have been many who hated Mr. Deng Xiaoping the way Inquisition hates ts and me....

Inquisition, you should follow me to Chinese forums and I will interprete and translate many angry people's opinions honestly and literally to you, you will find the opinions of ts and I are actually quite conservative and rational.

So long as ccp can be responsive and accountable to people's requests , everything will be fine........

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