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oops, I forgot, Yes to bring back I Agree With You.

How Nice.

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bundle the bamboo

Relentless, don't give up , you're half way in.
Tell the buyer of your wife she'd been budled with the bamboo.
Warn him , if he doesn't take this bloody grass , he will loose his rights resulting from the sale warranty. Tell him straight , if he doesn't take bamboo he will not be able to give you the wife back.

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Yes to all but women?

Ey, Magnum , I know women are the worst monopolists on this planet. in their mind no competition allowed.
I add Yes for competition.

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I agree yes to women, giving the prescribed conditions previously put forth, yes to fishing (no to gay fishing, because I am not sure I want to know what that is) and no to hunting unless it is for wild boar (no to gay hunting -- because I don't know what that is) and no to gaiacomm, yes to Arnold, and what else there was, probably yes too, what the heck, I agree!

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It's not the word is how it is used.


Let's team it up with a few other words and see what happens.

"Hello Dalai Lama. Welcome to China"

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Objection to the hostile votes from the ''women haters'!!

Clare Booth Luce is right, '' they say that women talk too much. If you have worked in Congress, you know that the filibuster was invented by men. ''

Well, now I've just added ''silenced'','' The Mushroom'' my blacklist with a pen. ahchoo's words are also too humiliating to bear.............and I've put down his name on my blacklist with a pencil in case his attitude can be improved later........Fortunately, there are still some gentlemen left...

Think! Those selfish men! Power tends to corrupt, absolute power corrupt absolutely!  Your fear of losing power is  conspicuous and that fear is sure to corrupt completely.

Don't forget, women are helpers God created for you, ungrateful men!Without women, you men can accomplish nothing.

Women have been required to be wives, mothers, nurses, teachers, breadwinners, comforters, listeners, consultants and farmers all at the same time. What do you still want, men!? Don't women deserve you men's appreciation and praise?!! Tell me!

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women indispensable

Yes, Thos and Wendy.
No men, no gays , no rubber dolls, no politicians, no hands left or right, no fancy high tech machines, no idiotic phone lines, no web sites,no dvd's sold round the corner, no .. nothing can replace a real woman.
For her warmth and intelligent conversations, for company in bars and football stadiums, for sharing the same interests, for openess and single meaningless of her words, for her lack of envy and jeaolusy and the most for......... what a hell, you all dirty minds pipping into this private letter to Thos and Wendy are thinking!!!

Well ,beat it, I can take a place on the yacht and do not care for gays around provided there are women also on board.
Eventually we opt for this bloody freedom of choice, don't we?

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