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Ghost-Jackal-Western-Chinese-Friendship Post and Gentlemans Club- Enter [Copy link] 中文

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re: aloss

that's inquisition's big thing now.  he says chairman has been banned because the female, u.s.-educated moderators don't like him (which is probably true).  you can read about it in the free talk section.  

anyway, for all his bluster, i really don't think anything is holding chairman back from posting except his pride.  


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Yes, well it does say Gentlemans Club, I think that was obvious.

Hello to all the nice friendly men visitors.
Is it alright to say Hello, has that been voted on yet.
My vote is YES for Hello, I think it is a good word for a greeting.
My vote is also YES for the vote.
My vote is also YES to allow dogs into the post ( Hi blackie )
I vote NO of course to women being allowed into the club.
As for gaiacomm, well if they allow dogs, why not him.

I have a new subject, should Mahjong be legal.

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Ghost-Jackal-Western-Chinese-Friendship Post and Gentlemans Club

What a good title.
So I am a Chinese Ghost and I am expected to be nice to the Western Jackals, as in be a Gentlemen.

Alright, I will agree to that.

Hello Westerners, Hello Jackals, Hello Western Jackals.

Hope and trust you are all well.


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Good thread J&J

Sorry I'm late.

Hello all.

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Ghost-Jackal-Western-Chinese-Friendship Post and Gentlemans Club

judge and jury
blackie lau

Good evening to you all, peace.

I vote yes to the Vote.
I vote yes to making Hello legal
I vote NO to Gate Crashers.
I vote yes to China making an entry into the Americas Cup

Is the bar still open ?

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That would be the dead end thread

Look ,if we agree on banning women , then only men would be  here .Thus we agree on everything else and the talking is dead. I would not like to copy the I_Agree_With_You. She holds the author's right of this idea and I vote for her resurrection. I'm agaist counterfeiting her.

Women are interesting for their lack of logic.
Women are our enemies during watching the football match, annoying with all these stupid and wrong-placed-in-time questions.
Women are the irreplacable element.
Women are the most jealous part of the planet. An idea of stoning to death must have come from a Sarah or Rebecca  rather than from a man-prophet.
Women can drag us into a worst misery, though they are said to be the best friend of  man(yes,here "man"=double meaning).
Women parafraze the motto and say "Do everything to me ,what I do not want you do to her, and vice versa"
Women bring this mess protecting us from death of boredom.
Women are sexy even in the between the lines.
Women take care we won't become too rich and loose the contact with the ground.
Women can take us away from  splitting hair on the next possible/impossible scenario of Twan invasion and who would be a bigger looser then. If you , mainlanders, want to make a quick invasion on this tiny island, just give a hint to all wives of top shots in pl a, that they keep their lovers there. There ,will be only smoke and holes tomorrow.Women take no prisoners in such events.
You simply can't replace women with man , no way!! Or somebody is pink...
Women from wise blondies to non jealous chinese, from the Faalcon plaatz of Antwerpen to Wendy, from Beijing to Beijing round the world,all come here and make our lives miserable but interesting

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Fishing Idea

If there are enough of us, we can hire one hell of a boat and go out fishing

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