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Found a secret garden!

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I am going through some changes in my life recently. Although it is hard for me, but I am still working on it and never gonna say no. That’s me-a really strong girl as my friend called me so. If there is something bad happened to me, they would say: you are such a girl, and I know you can do it! Right?

Yes, I am. I am this kind of tough girl, who wants try to show them my sunshine side instead of my sad feelings. But sometimes, I still confused and lost. I don’t know what should I do? I know I am not a good talker as I was born. I show the real me in front of the people care for me. I am a silly, naughty, dully girl when I show my real side to my best friends and my family. But nevertheless, I am still not a good talker. Sometimes I hate me, why I can’t say jokes to make people laughing or try to pretend I am laughing when I heard something not so funny. If I did, people should love me a lot. But after all, I am so direct, and I refuse to do fake things like that. I wanna be the real me that sometimes people won’t like.


Yesterday, I wrote an easy on my blog to let off my suck feelings, and I really did not expect to get people’s feedbacks although I wrote a line to show that I wanted to have conversation with peoples. But deep in my heart, I knew that no one would like to read my things.


So when I opened my blog, I am so excited, and I almost want to cry out when I saw someone’s feedbacks followed my essay. That’s a big big courage for me.


I found that I can write things if I am not good at talking. Yeah, that’s my biggest harvest yesterday. Up till now, there are a crowd of people have read what I wrote here yesterday. How nice it is! It is like that I am a girl who found a secret garden which I can plant any charming flowers and I can sing the songs of lovely birds and even I can feel the gentle blowing of the spring wind. I want to write my feelings, my laughter and funs, my tears and my sorrows, and I can even try to write magic stories here, my own stories.


Yes, this is a secret garden only for me! I love it, l love it, and I love it!

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  • hey, i am here! 2013-5-30 09:14

    SnowSnow, you just keep trying.  Never give up.  Being more open is not always an easy thing to do, but as the old saying, "every journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step".  Take it one step at a time and as you make more and more steps you will reach your destination easily and quickly.

  • Man’s tricks! 2013-5-23 08:51

    snow-snow:    hope you can benefit from it and gain a different view to see the world..
    I hope so.

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