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How do you reduce stress ?

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Living in the Information Explosion society, more and more people are under great pressure. High school students study with painstaking attention to knowledge learning points in order to get high grade. Graduates have to face the severe employment conditions. What’s more, there exists peer pressure, housing pressure and so on.

Admittedly, different people have different approaches to relieve stress. Some people prefer to read a book and drink a cup of coffee in an elegant café. Some like to run on the playground and enjoy the feel of sweating. However, some people perceive that it will be more effective to share their sorrow with their friends or families.

From my personal experience, there is no best way to reduce stress, because the most suitable is the best.   

I have suffered a lot during the process preparing for the Entrance College Examination. Sorrow, discourage and frustration all bothered me. When I was in a bad mood, I always rode my bike along the quiet country road alone. The grand trees, the colorful flowers and the blue sky composed an enjoyable painting. The breeze touched my face softly while riding. Such beautiful scenery cheered me up. It seemed that I come back to life, right here, right now.

Through reflecting myself, I was aware of my weaknesses and I told myself that only hard word could lead to success. Gradually I eliminated all the negative thoughts hovering in my mind. Thank God. I was myself again.

However, it is not the only way to recover from stress and resentment.

A case of beer, a plate of peanuts, a dish of meat and several intimate friends will be great. Chat with my friends while drinking the beer and taking the peanuts or meat. No topic, no theme, just talk about what we think sincerely. Also, we sometimes sing a song or play tricks with others. No trouble, no stress, at that time, we are free.

In conclusion, we will confront trouble undoubtedly, we can reduce our stress by ourselves and we can also share it with our friends or families. Both are effective.


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