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One year after another, gaokao, as a most decisive examination, has experienced 35 years since its resumption in 1977 after 10 years of being suspended.

   The brief history of gaokao, illustrated in the series of pictures old and new, reminds us of the past treasured scenes and moments the gestures and appearance of the teachers, candidates, and parents and judges etc.

Gaokao has also witnessed changes in the facial expressions in the past 35 years, as can be seen from the smiling, graving and determined faces of the candidates in situations relating to gaokao or its candidates.

Gaokao has also told us the increasing numbers of the candidates in part of the last 35 years, from more than 2,530,000 students in July 7, 1995 to over 3,400,000 students in 1999 who joined the exams, and has seen a decrease of approximately 33 million people in 2011 compared with that in 2008. In the past four years, the candidates decreased by 1.4 million, although more people are allowed to join the exam.

There are special candidates in 2001, like Huang Shunfeng, one of the first beneficiaries of the new policy that was prescribed in the same year, to abolish in gaokao the former limits on participants' qualifications.

We can see the application of new invention the cheating proof devices in 2005 and the implementation of the computer system of checking up gaokao scores.

A teacher in 1980, trying his best to encourage his students before the exam was showcased vividly likely in from of the school gates.

What will be the fate of gaokao? Will it become less and less important until it fade out? Will it be substituted by ACT or SAT or TOEFL or the IELTS exam? Will it be a most significant exam to determine the young people’s fate? Will it change to another exam? Only time will tell us that?

But one thing is certain that it is not so important as before for some young people who choose to study abroad.

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