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USA ABC says Kill Chinese; I Say Kill Disneyland

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Huaren : On October 16, 2013. This famous TV personality at American Broadcasting Corporation asked 
USA children how to pay off debt to China. One child suggested " TO KILL ALL CHINESE " 

Jimmy Kimmel and ABC had committed a gross violation of broadcasting by condoning and then promoting hate and violence <by releasing this program> against a segment of a society, making it a willful act of discrimination. This is not the first time this happened at ABC when one anchor used the word  "nigger" for Afro-American. Jimmy and the editors who are keepers of standard moral practice were equally at fault. 

ABC is owned by The Disney Company...the same one that runs Disneyland.

Write ABC USA at & voice your displeasure.

Many equally humane Germans witnessed and downplayed Goebbels and Hitler tirade against the Jews. 

Many more stood aside without action when the Nazis started the KristalNaight where Jewish establishments in Germany were vandalized and Jewish German were brutalized. Similarly, the world stood unaffected when the Tojo's Japanese Kwangtung Army brutalizes China.

That was in 1935's. At the end of the War in 1945, almost 5 million jewry were massacred by the Nazis. The Chinese dead in China and SouthEast Asia in the War caused by Tojo Japan was almost 20 Million.

(1) Lin Jun was killed and dismembered ( head sent to Prime Minister Harper of Canada. Hands and legs to other government places (2012);
(2) Meng Xianchao was murdered in Toronto while her boyfriend witnessed it in China thru her laptop. (2012)

Plus countless attacks on students in USA, Canada, UK and Australia.

I say react now and boycott where it hurts ABC...stop patronizing Disneyland and its icons even their cartoon shows. Alert their advertisers that you do not condone ABC. (Banks, fastfood chains, consumer suppliers) Let your voice be heard. A drop of water that started in Himalayas makes YangTze, Indus, Ganges, Brahmaputra, Salween ( <Myanmar>., Mekong, Xunjiang Red River, Irrawaddy River, Chao Phraya <Thailand>, Syr Darya, Amu Darya, Tarim River and Yellow Rivers.

An apology is not good enough.


The Smiling Warmonger and promoter of Killing Chinese

Boycott DisneyLand

and more at ABC headquarters

(Opinions of the writer in this blog don't represent those of China Daily.)




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  • 500,000 Chinese + Another 100,000 Chinese massacre in Indonesia - Lest We Forget 2014-8-25 20:10

    Michael, the truth shall be out whenever and so long as people remembers and more importantly lessons learned, ergo we progress as a specie. From the dawn of history men have brutalized each other but despite this we are still learning to live within  a Global Village. Teachers or as the Chinese say Lao Shu is important to instill in the young hoping that one day when they become leaders they can make the difference.
    There are many heroes that are not recognized in history but then what purpose o eahc of us have in this existence than to make a positive difference.
    Bring it on the Chinese corner or inside your classroom or just living and demonstrating by example. Even if it can be as unpleasant as arguing with a  street vendor for services she/he did sloppily.

  • 500,000 Chinese + Another 100,000 Chinese massacre in Indonesia - Lest We Forget 2014-8-25 07:44

    Huaren, Obama is an embarrassment to the American people. No one could have imagined the ineptitude and poor leadership that he has shown the world.

    The massacre at Nanjing is largely ignored in the USA. I never heard about when studying world history and even when studying World War 2. President Harry Truman has also been overlooked in Chinese history for what he did to bring Japan to their knees. Most students here know of Nixon but not Truman. If Truman had not had the courage to drop the two A-bombs on Japan, they would have likely killed many more Chinese and caused much more devastation. The Japanese have proven through history to be brutal and uncivilized people. If they had not surrendered, Truman would have dropped up to 10 A-bombs on them. I agree with your sentiment and feel the pain of the Chinese people over this situation. It is sad. America didn't acknowledge it because of what was happening on the Korean Peninsula. China was supporting the north while the US was supporting the south. I think this is why these things were overlooked by the US and China. The US didn't acknowledge the massacre at Nanjing and Chinese didn't give the credit to Truman that he deserved. All of this simply because they didn't agree about Korea.

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