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How Prism (not the NSA) will change news

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If there is anyone out there who still doubts printed newspapers are dying; who still wonder if they will be employed in journalism produced by ink in our lifetime; who still think people will pay for 24-hour old information someone else considers newsworthy or questions the power of the web - here is your answer. 

It's the answer told by version 4.0 of The Conversation Prism. It is the only research-driven map that explores the evolution and rise of social media.


To the newspaper dinosaurs who think web journalism is simply about putting links on Weibo. To businessmen who still think Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are passing fads. To strategists fine-tuning business models, failing industries in desperate need of innovation, or anyone with a message to communicate - study the current landscape of social media in 2013 and prepare to be amazed.


It might look like a confusing infographic at first, but two and a half years in the making, the fourth version of The Conversation Prism is a survival kit for all to inspire and explore.


First, look to the middle with your idea in mind. Shift the outer circles to your needs. Value, purpose, transparency, commitment, or vision. Then shift the circles to find the tools that align your business goals.


Author Brian Solis, who was part of the team that first created the prism in 2008, said, “The social landscape is evolving with increasing acceleration. As you can see throughout every iteration of the Prism, the number of networks that vanish and emerge is staggering. But more importantly, the nature and focus of how networks are used is also dramatic in its changes. In some cases, we see the move to smaller or more concentrated networks and at the same time the visual “social” web is becoming more pervasive.”


And there is no better proof of this than comparing the three earlier versions of the Prism to see how the landscape has changed at breakneck speed. The technological revolution is here. The problem is, and always will be, how quick the human mind can catch up.

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Reply Report lihanwen 2013-7-4 13:39
Bigger version available here
Reply Report J.E.Overington 2014-4-27 05:57
"We now had to envision, organize, and understand that conversations take place in communities that we don’t yet realize…obviously far beyond Facebook and Twitter."

The most relevant key [of many keys] to this is similar to understanding what has a chemical element's spectrum be what it is -- the range of opportunity given to an individual entity is given by the community aggregate. Thanks for bringing my attention to the Prism. I appreciate the effectiveness of your communication and outreach.

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Lee Hannon is a journalist with China Daily website


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  • NSA surveillance desperately needed to discover why this is news 2014-4-28 05:52

    The White House staff on average prefer decent society. The Obama family and administration are for the middle class, upholding the American principle of each individual having a fair chance to have good results of good work done in an honest trade system. The National Security Agency is for the security of the nation. Canada may be imploding due to Canadians' -- on average -- inability to agree upon something... it's a cultural habit to disagree. Cf the National Energy Programme debates in Pierre Trudeau's era when Canadians would have mutually profited by simply agreeing on something instead of nothing. Who be Edward Snowden? Time will tell.

  • Snowden guilty in court of public opinion 2014-4-27 07:37

    You are an effective writer however Snowden's fate is not necessarily as bleak as you have it seem. It is up to Edward Snowden who got caught stealing and lying. If Edward Snowden corrects his mistakes in public and rebalances his own public accounts by himself, without requesting instructions, and separates wrong from right by himself without needing explanations, he can ask the public to allow for him being able to start to live a new life. We the people know we sometimes do some things in childhood we stop doing when we grow up.

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