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nyc police spy on muslims

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yes they did probably still do. it was typical short sighted myopic thinking and the involvement of the cia makes it illegal. how do you prosecute the head of the cia? they have grown to powerful and disregarded the core mandate the were supposed to uphold,that they cannot be used on american soil and should be dissolved.although it is understandable to want info on muslim extremists blundering about at church is not the best way. i really think that this has done more to alienate the moderates than any thing we could have done on purpose. all though it could have been leaked intentionally to provoke a responce from the more violent and see where the biggest opposition comes from. now i am not a religious scholar but as i understand it budism is so non violent that the extremists  would rather light them selves on fire than harm their enemies.catholics are supposed to be for turning the other cheek but in war will fight .the catholic extremist for the most part volunteers for missions in third world countries or runs around the neighbourhood ringing doorbells.the jewish extremist for the most part is kosher in their eating and fasting .the menonite extremist is amish and dont like electricity but has no problem building the wooden parts for an electric heater as long as it is done with hand tools.the mormon extremist is apt to have a few to many wives and maybe a few more automatic rifles than is strictly legal .but all of these religions say that is not ok to kill people you dont have to .except the muslim faith can and is interpreted to mean that it is ok to kill even muslim peoples if it will further the faith. i know that this is only an extremist view of the muslim faith . i understand that not all muslim believers want violence but some do .just as there are a very few kkk groups that call themselves churches . they just dont get recognition from mainstream religion. they get infiltrated and investigated by the fbi like they should .no one state has the power or funding to do a better job or make a bigger fiasco than the fbi. people understand the need for the fbi to invetigate  a "church" that might be advocating a race war but are irate when the police investigate a church that might advocate a holy war. i think the cia should not have been involved and nyc cops should have been limeted to their own state and that we need to recognize that islamic extremism is a real threat to america and to peacefull life every where and that we need the coperation of mainstream muslims to combat it.

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