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electronic slavery .i personally am divided on the subject ,when you use a robot to do a man or womens job you take that job from them forcing them to find other employment or they get the job of repairing the thing if they are semi indispensable plus  their normal duties.  however having a cheap robot that is responsibly powered could be just the thing the company needs to be able to afford to hire another employee,wich in turn could force their compatition to do the same and maybe not as responsibly may be automating if that is the case then a third company in the same field possibly goes out of business entirely ,their workers forced to find jobs that are menial and low paying for a lot  of the owners of the first two companys are making more than ever before allowing them to spend more money ,that goes somewhere.okay that is one scenario here is another now that nearly any one can buy step motors and controllers and such and nearly everybody has a  laptop it is getting easier for people to build torch tables and plasma or oxygen hydrogen cutting implements for them.there is even an online free repository of tool paths that would let poorer people build tractors or wind mills or what ever for the cost of steel and the electricity to cut with. ten years ago the cost of a cutting table was 50,000 for a giant high precision one now they are less than 20,000 which is still to high considering their parts list .and then there are reprats 3d printers that let you print another one nearly exept for the electronics and anything else you can think of like plastic anything. i personally think they may release toxins when they melt the plastic , i dont know, but imagine an economy where only the poor buys any thing because the rich have everything they fashion would be in the form of a cad drawing.

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Just started a `Robot` sub-theme on my thread - `British secret Police Operate On This Forum`.

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