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the ---- taxi system in Lin an, China.!!!

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Dear everyone:
       i am here to expose and complain sth sbout the ---- taxi system, and taxi service in Lin an, China. Firstly, the taxi company is undertaken by private. and secondly, as we all know, the taxi drivers should bear the rules and regulations such as "one time, no more than 4 passengers","the driver shouldn't pick up other passenger when there have had the passenger in the taxi" the fees should based on taximeter""the driver can't reject the rational requirements (the destination you want to be) or reject picking up the passengers. etc. These rules are the most basic rules in the taxi regulations. however the Lin an taxi drivers has almost broken all of these rugulations. i feel unbelievable and angry about the disorder management and situation of the taxi system in Linan. the following is some real story happened on myself.
     1. one day, i am leaving for home, and  the time left is quite limited. so i decide to take a taxi. i find a taxi, and i told him to drive me to the bus station. he told me 10 yuan or please go and find other taxi( the atitude is quite bad and the fees to the station is just near7 yuan by the taxicounter). because i am in a hurry for catching my shuttle bus. "ok, whatever you like, just be quick." i said. so i get on the taxi, and what is beyond my imagenation is that on the way to the station, he picked three other people.( they are not for the station just in the same direction). i told him i was in a hurry more than 3 times. he said if you do not want to take my taxi, just get off. what a mother ****er he really is!( i thought in my heart, because i was educated, ididn't speak it out.) finally i reached the station and i shut the door heavily. but i still missed the bus. if i was a warlock, i would curse him forever!
    2. still one day, (i didn't remember the accurate time),i need to go to my company. the company is in the suburb,  it is a little far from here.  i get a taxi, and he asked me the destination. i told him the company name. he said, it's too far, i wouldn't go. then he just drive away. and later i get another taxi and cost me 30 yuan with a lot people getting on the taxi during the process.
    3. i tried to call the company and asked them to regulate the service. and even write letters to the government. however, no one stand out to tackle this. the local people has quite familiar with this situation. and no one care.
    4.Lin an is located near hangzhou whose taxi service is quite well. and even in my hometown( a small town), its taxi system is quit good , every driver obey the regulations.
     what shoud we do? i hate this situation, i hate the taxi driver. i tried my best to avoid taking a taxi. but i still will occur the unhappiness.  i feel so dissappointed about Linan, and felt angry about the goverment,sorry for the people and most for the poor students in Linan(they always are fleeced by the taxi driver.
     what should we do to improve the situation? only gods!!!

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