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10 Creative Ways to Give Money

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Birthdays, Christmas, graduations, and anniversaries are among the many occasions when we need to give money as a gift. We prefer to give money, especially the male species, because it is hassle-free.

You would not need to shop for a gift, which for guys, is a pretty stressful work. It is a proven fact that men do not like to hang around stores to buy gifts. Furthermore, giving cash as gifts is actually preferred by many receivers. This is because they will be able to buy the things that they want with the money.

If you give them something else as gift, there is always that big chance that they may not like it, or they may not need it. When you give your cash gift, however, you need to give it in style. Fortunately, there are many ways to do that.

Tissue container

You can wrap up your cash gift like a casual gift. A tissue box would be a good idea because of its dimensions. Of course, you replace the tissue roll with cash roll.

Cash in soap

Put a hundred bucks in a glycerin soap. That would truly put a smile on everybody’s face. For a complete detail on how to go about this, check out

As an ornament

Instead of putting it in an envelope, you can put your money on an ornament or a Christmas decoration. This is actually a pretty neat idea for Christmas.

Plant money

This is for anyone with the cash. Basically, all you do is stick a half-meter pole on a flower pot. Then, cover the pole with cash. Arrange them in such a way that they look like leaves. Simple (if you have the cash, that is).

Heart origami

Shape cash that is fresh from the bank into a heart. This is a nice gift to give to your children during the Valentine’s Day. Maybe your boy would want to take someone on a date, the cash would do them plenty of good.

Money in a bottle

Ideal for graduations, you can use an ordinary bottle with lid that is designed like a graduation cap to make it more stylish.

Money lei

Well, as the name says, this is a lei that is made entirely of money. This is really good for graduations.

Money box

Basically, you use money as a gift wrap. In other words, money disguised as an unusual gift wrap.

Money shuriken

A shuriken is a ninja weapon. So, of course, this is great for kids and for ninja and anime fans.

Digging for your money

This is great for kids. Bury the money in a sand box (not litter box). Let the child look for your surprise gift.

Word of caution: never give money or cash gifts to your girlfriends or boyfriends. This is a big turn off because it is like you are assuming that your partner is a money-grabber. You do not want that, of course.

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