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Why I Recommend Chinese Schools

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No matter anyone's opinion about America and their post secondary schools (colleges) and rankings, there is no denying that American colleges still dominate all of them. There is a lot of criticism regarding the revered U.S. News and World Reports ranking, so, I choose to forego it and rely more on the Shanghai list.

The Shanghai list ranks 49 of the top 100 world colleges/universities in America. It is not controlled by anyone in the West and, in my opinion, is trustworthily objective.

Out of my nearly 20,000 followers on WeChat, most of them know that I don't promote Western college education simply because I have a voluntary cooperation with one of the most excellent programs in China located in Zhengzhou, Henan. In fact, the only reason I am a part of the program is because I believe in giving every Chinese student who so desires, the opportunity to study abroad. I don't need a job and don't need the money. (I retired quite comfortably before ever setting foot in China.) Not only do I believe in the rights of these students to study abroad if they so choose, but, I also believe whole-heartedly in the program that I'm a part of. It gets amazing results for the students here.

But, several times a week, I'm contacted by a Chinese parent who wants to send their child to the USA for middle school or high school. (I periodically get one who wants to send their primary school aged child.) My advice is, don't do it. It is NOT in the best interest of your child. Let your child finish their primary and secondary education in China. 

The Discipline of Study

Regardless of your feeling toward the quality of Chinese education, your child is going to gain the most important skill they'll need for post-secondary education abroad (college). That is, they will develop the discipline of study. They will develop this discipline far better in China than they ever would in America.

I know the concern of putting too much pressure on your child. I work with Chinese high school students every day. I am well aware of the long hours they spend sitting at their desks in their classrooms. Though it might seem cruel to spend 10 or more hours a day sitting at their desks, they are building skill that will cause them to excel in college. That skill is, discipline. The discipline to endure long hours of study.

I agree with many parents who claim that they need more than just the discipline of studying. They do. They need athletics, the arts, social interaction with others and time to simply have fun. However, do not underestimate the incredible value of discipline. 

Many parents point out to me that Western education will develop creativity and critical thinking in their child. I realize this as well. However, if I had children in primary or secondary school, I would want them studying in China and not America. I am American and I love America. However, we are not talking about 'countries' with this issue. We are talking about children and what is honestly best for them.

I'm not here to disparage and criticize Western schools. It takes no intelligence to find fault, attack and attempt to appear as an expert in anything by tearing down something else. Nonetheless, the fact is, your child won't get the quality of study discipline in a Western country that they will in a Chinese secondary school.

I have taught more than 7,000 students in live classrooms since coming to China. I have lectured and given speeches at close to 100 universities and high schools in China. I've put students in Harvard, Princeton, Johns Hopkins and other top 150 colleges in America. Without hesitation, if you are a parent of middle school or high school student in China, follow my advice. You will see that it is the best choice for your child.

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Michael is the author of the transformational book, Powerful Attitudes. He is a professional educator, an educational consultant, an author. He lives in Zhengzhou, Henan Province. He enjoys playing guitar and writing poetry. He loves China.


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